Go the Distance

To celebrate International Women’s Day, and in support of Project Pari by Zonta Club of Singapore, we invite you to join us to run or walk a 2.4km route and collectively achieve a total distance of 50km or more within 3 hours!

The idea is to get active and at the same time create awareness about Project Pari and its mission – to inspire and enable young women from lower-income families to attain a positive outlook of the future and to become responsible contributors to society.

All you have to do is to turn up at Bishan Park 2 (Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park) to walk or run a loop of 2.4km. On an average, it takes about 15-20 mins to run-jog a 2.4km loop and about 30-45 mins to walk the same distance. To achieve a distance of 50km in 3 hours, we need collective effort.  We either have more than 20 participants to run a 2.4km distance (we hope the turn out is good), if fewer, some participants can help by going for more than one loop.

Our Target
We target to achieve a collective distance of 50km or more, in 3 hours (180mins). We invite you to appeal to your friends to support by making a small donation to Project Pari – donations of S$10, S$50, S$100 or any amount is welcome.

Project Pari supports less-privileged girls through their secondary school journey providing them with a monthly allowance, life skills course, fun activities and mentorship. It takes only $800 to support a Project Pari’s girl for 1 year. This $800 for 1 year can potentially help empower and enrich the girl’s future! We hope, through the support of this event’s participants and the public, we can raise the fund to support at least 1 girl for 1 year. Click here to DONATE

Your Motivation
By participating in this event, you get a chance to meet like-minded people who support healthy lifestyle and giving back to the community in a simple way. In light of the current Covid-19 situation, going outdoors to exercise is one of the best ways to keep healthy (therefore, if you are unwell on the event day, do stay home to rest).

Event Details
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2020
Time: 8am – 11am (the event starts at 8am, you can come anytime to run, event will end at 11am)
Venue: Bishan Park 2 (the park that has McDonald’s and Aramsa Spa)
Meeting point: The Promenade between Carpark A and McDonald’s at Bishan St 25

Participation is free of charge. To sign up for the event, click here for the Registration Form. Please register by  Thu, 19 Mar 2020.

Who can participate:
To celebrate International Women’s Day, we invite all women and their families and friends to join in this mini challenge. This event is open to all gender, regardless of age – as long as one is medically fit to walk or run the 2.4km route. Bishan Park is wheel-chair and kids friendly.

We are also happy to share that outdoor retail shop Outside is sponsoring S$200 worth of product vouchers for the participants. S$100 voucher goes to the one who clocks the most loops in 3 hours, and S$50 vouchers will be given out to two lucky draw winners.




The running route map

Admin Support & Recording of Loops
The shelter at the Promenade is the main reporting station. At the shelter, we provide first aid kit. The toilet and water cooler is about 30m across. Please bring your own drinking water for your run/walk, you can leave your water bottle and other personal items (please pack them neatly in a bag, do not leave valuable items in there) at the shelter when you go for your run/walk.

Recording of Loops
Please report to the “Official” after you have completed each loop, and also when you plan to stop or leave the event location. There will be no number tags issued, recording will be based on your name given in the registration form above completed by you. The last loop to be completed before 10:59am.

What to Wear and Bring?

  1. Sports attire suitable for running / walking
  2. Running or walking shoes
  3. Drinking water
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Sun hat or cap
  6. Sunglasses (optional)
  7. Umbrella (optional)
  8. Towel / change of clothes (optional)
  9. Personal snacks (optional)

Note: Please have your breakfast before the activity

How to Get There

Getting there by public transport
Closest Bus Stops are:
1) B54089 – Opp AMK Swimming Complex – Buses 71, 133, 136, 262
2) B53381 and B53389 – Bishan St 22  (Bishan North Shopping Mall) – Buses 13, 52, 54, 88, 162, 410
Bishan MRT Station (NSL and Circle Line):
1) Exit A – cross overhead bridge to Bus Stop B53239 – Buses 13, 52, 54, 88
2) Exit D – Bus Interchange – Buses 52, 54 (longer route), 410 (White Plate)
3) Walk from MRT takes about 20-25mins

Getting there by Car/ Taxi
By Car:
1) Park at Carpark A on Ang Mo Kio Ave 1  OR
2) Park at HDB carpark Blk 241 Bishan St 22 (do not enter via St 25)

Bishan Park 2 – Location Map





Click here for the exact meet up location



For clarifications, please contact us via email at contact@aceadventure.com.sg  

We look forward to your participation!

Pure Joy: Checking 4 Peaks off Baiyue in 2 Days!

Last year, I went on a trekking trip to Hehuanshan (合歡山), or literally “Joy Mountain” in Chinese, in Taiwan from 5 June 2019 to 8 June 2019. Although a novice to high altitude trekking, I was able to trek up 4 different peaks that are above 3000 m in just 2 days!

This trip was organised by Ace Adventure Expeditions as part of its Start Trekking programme. This programme was designed for greenhorns just like me. Hitherto, the highest peak I have trekked outside National Service in the Army, other than Singapore’s own Bukit Timah Hill (163.63 m), was Gunung Lambak (510 m) in Johor, Malaysia. That achievement was also on a hiking trip with Ace Adventure Expeditions, back on 31 May 2014.

Hehuanshan is a series of peaks in Central Taiwan which forms part of the Central Mountain Range (中央山脈), a principal mountain range that runs from the north of Taiwan island to its south. Hehuanshan lies between the Nantou (南投縣) and Hualien (花蓮縣) counties and is located within the Taroko National Park (太魯閣國家公園).

On this trip, I had the opportunity to trek up 4 peaks on Hehuanshan, all above 3000 m. The East Peak (東峰)(3421m), Mount Shimen (石門山) (3237m) and the Main Peak (主峰) (3417m) on the first day of trekking and the North Peak (主峰) (3422 m) on the second day.

These 4 peaks are among the “Hundred Peaks” or “Baiyue” (百岳) chosen, by a group of prominent Taiwanese hikers, from amongst the named peaks in Taiwan known at the time to have a height of about 3,000 m. The criteria for getting onto the Baiyue list included uniqueness, danger, height, beauty and prominence. With the likes of Yushan or “Jade Mountain” (玉山) (3952 m) and Xueshan or “Snow Mountain” (雪山) (3886 m) at #1  and #2 respectively, the placings of the 4 Hehuanshan peaks I checked off the list are as follows:  North Peak #34, East Peak #35, Main Peak #37 and Mount Shimen #66.

I understand from the local guides on the trip that these 4 peaks are amongst the “easy peasies” in the Baiyue list in terms of height, difficulty and the time needed to hike up. While it was not a completely walk in the park for me, I found that the pre-trip training session organised by Ace Adventure Expeditions, that I attended 2 months before the trip on 11 April 2019, adequately prepared me for the trip. The trek leader and 2 local guides on the trip were also most helpful and watchful over us, especially those of us who were weaker and less experienced. These mitigated any challenges that I may have encountered in terms of the terrain on the trip.

During the pre-trip training session, we were educated on high altitude trekking and on general healthcare in such circumstance. We were also given tips on the kind of gears and equipment we should have on the trip. We were taught basic trekking techniques like footwork, pacing and the use of trekking poles and given guidance on the layering system, footwear, hydration and high altitude health concerns such as Acute Mountain Sickness. At the session, we were each given a little booklet on how to prepare ourselves for the trip between the session and the actual trip, complete with a list of what to pack on the list. Just before the trip, we were given another booklet on what exactly to expect on the trip and contained reminders of what we were briefed on a the pre-trip training session.

I would say that this trip would probably be considered a very “easy landing” in the experienced trekker’s universe. There was no necessity for us camp in tents over night or stay in a mountain lodge or hut at high elevation. We also did not need to cook our own meals in harsh conditions. We had proper dinners at restaurants at the end of each day of trekking and we got to sleep and shower in the comfort of our hotel rooms, which was a hot spring hotel on this trip. I even got to dip in a hot spring tub to soothe my aching muscles after trekking up and down the 3 peaks on the first day.

The trip down to our accommodation at a lower altitude for our overnight rest allowed those of us with risks of Acute Mountain Sickness to acclimatise much better. Lunch on the first day of the trek, which happens to be on the day of the Chinese Dumpling Festival, was dumplings at a café near the Hehuanshan Visitor Centre, which was close to the various trailheads, after our descent from Mount Shimen. The only “hardship” meal of cup noodles, canned food and 3-in-1 coffee I had to “suffer” was on the second day on the summit of the North Peak at 3422 m. Frankly, the experience was not bad at all. While the food may be basic, the magnificent mountain top view and the fellowship with the many new friends I have made on the expedition more than made up for the simple food.

The scenery on the way up and down the 4 peaks and the panoramic view at the summits were awesomely breath taking. Words fail me to do justice to the beauty I beheld. Hence, I took tons of photographs and some videos, not just of the beautiful scenery but of the moments of our interacting with each other and with Mother Nature on these hills. Needless to say, many of these photographs and videos found their way onto my Facebook page. At the conclusion of the trip, Ace Adventure Expeditions very thoughtfully weaved some of the photographs and some videos taken by those on the trip into a montage video clip that neatly summarised the joyful time we had. This clip can be found on YouTube.

I had a great time on this trip that earned me the right to brag that I have checked off 4 peaks on the Baiyue list! The icing on the cake was that I was able to catch up with 2 of my mates from my secondary school alma mater, Hua Yi  Secondary School (華義中學). One of them is none other than Joanne Soo, our trek leader and the honcho of Ace Adventure Expeditions, who was my classmate for a year and whom I now affectionately refer to as “Iron Lady” due to her fame associated with the Singapore Women’s Everest Team. After the 2 days of trekking, my ex-schoolmates and I extended our trip slightly and had the opportunity of hanging out in Taipei, mostly in Ximenting (西門町), for a day before return home to the hustle and bustle of work.

All in all, this was a good short getaway with a dash of adventure.  If you are keen to join this start trekking programme, the next Mt Hehuan trek is scheduled for 26-29  Nov 2020.

Looking forward to my next mountain with Ace Adventure Expeditions.

– Michael S Chia
Trek participant of Mt Hehuan Trek (5-8 Jun 2019)

Start Trekking to Beautiful Mt Hehuan

Mt Hehuan was our inaugural trek for our Start Trekking initiative and has continued to be popular.

The beautiful mountain scenery and friendly terrain is suitable not only for beginners but also for families or anyone who want to embark on a short scenic trek.

The trek covers four peaks above 3000m with an overnight stay in a local hotel in town. At the end of each day’s trek, there’s a sumptuous dinner, hot shower and nice comfortable bed to look forward to.

Every year, we schedule our Mt Hehuan trek during the Dragon Boat Festival. Our participants will get to enjoy delicious Taiwanese rice dumplings!

Keep a lookout for our talk on Mt Hehuan to be held on 21 Feb in collaboration with Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Singapore.

Our next Start Trekking to Mt Hehuan is on 18-21 Jun 2020. For package details, refer to our website at http://aceadventure.com.sg/even…/taiwan-mt-hehuan-hehuanshan

Keeping The Mountaineering Dream Alive – An Inspiring Talk by Ong Yun Long

We are honored to have Ong Yun Long (Long) as one of our volunteer mountaineering leader.

Yun Long who now resides and works in America, is back for the Chinese New Year holiday. He is taking time from this home visit to share with us on his love for mountaineering, and how his cancer diagnosis not only did not deter him from continuing his mountaineering  journey, but he has climbed higher after his treatment.

Join us to hear Yun Long’s inspiring story. Yun Long will be leading our Mt Khutien climb on 31 July-12 Aug 2020. We will be sharing a quick overview on Mt Khutien after Yun Long’s talk.

Talk Details:
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2020
Time: 230pm – 4pm
Venue: Toa Payoh Central Community Club, Level 3 (#03-03)
Address: 93 ToaPayoh Central S319194

A BIG thank you to Toa Payoh Adventure Club for supporting this talk and providing the venue for the talk.

Here’s a write up on Yun Long:

Yun Long’s (Long) love for and journey into the mountains started after a 28-day hike in the Himalayas in the late 1990s. His appreciation for the mountain deepens with his quest to explore more peaks and to share stories from the deepest reaches of valleys and mountains. Climbing allows him to enter “the now” moment – what Buddhists call mindfulness – not just while clinging to rocks in mid-air, but “strolling down a fairway or looking out the window at a birch tree swaying in the breeze.”

His quest to reach more peaks was disrupted by his cancer diagnosis at the end of 2018. Long went through a rigorous course of chemotherapy treatments and surgery. His recovery was then interrupted by two episodes of gastrointestinal bleeding (GIB), resulting in him losing almost 2/3 of his blood. Within two months after those episodes of GIB, he returned to leading climbs to some of the Pacific Northwest Peaks in the states of Washington and Oregon, a total of 7 peaks within a few months. In additions, he successfully summited two volcanoes (Pico De Orizaba, Iztaccihuatl)  in Mexico and Aconcagua in Argentina in November and December 2019 respectively, after making a full recovery and within six months after his last chemotherapy session. He plans to lead a group to Mt Khutien in Mongolia this July/August and to 5 volcanoes in Ecuador at the end of 2020. He plans to attempt a summit bid on Denali, the highest peak in North America in the spring of 2021.

His journey to mountaineering also took him to be trained as a wilderness first responder with NOLS. He is a Mountaineering First Aid volunteer instructor with a local climbing climb, and a Registered Nurse by profession, he was able to combine both his passion for the outdoor and medicine to the fore. It is his unwavering pursuit of seeking a balance between work and outdoors that took me to the Pacific Northwest, the giant playground that prides itself with major peaks within driving distance from Portland and Seattle. He is also a certified climb leader. When he is not exploring outdoor, he can be seen hanging out at the local rock gym.

Black Bear Forest Movie Screening – 18 Oct 2019

A touching documentary about the protection of Formosan Black Bears in Taiwan, by Lee Hsiang-Hsiu 2016, Taiwan.

Dafen, the heart of Yushan National Park, is a place abundant in wildlife and indigenous culture. With the assistance of an indigenous hunter, a female ecologist started her journey searching for Formosan Black Bears in 1998. In the midst of this wilderness, they gradually developed a deep and sincere companionship. Together with copious research, the secret of the Taiwan Black Bear is thus revealed.

Ace Adventure Expeditions’ first movie screening together with Toa Payoh Adventure Club and Toa Payoh Central CC Youth Club.

The aim of the movie screening is to create greater awareness on the protection of wildlife and a deeper understanding of the culture of the indigenous people in Taiwan.

We often meet the indigenous people, who work as guides, porters, cook or hut crew, and see warning signs of the black bears while mountain climbing in Taiwan. This touching documentary will help us appreciate and respect the mountains more, that mountains are often inextricably intertwine with tradition culture/beliefs and wildlife.

Screening details:
Date: 18 Oct 2019
Time: 7:15pm to 10pm
Venue: Toa Payoh Central Community Center Theatrette
Address: 93 Toa Payoh Central, #03-03 Central Community Building, Singapore 319194
Ticket Fee: $16 per ticket (Non-Discountable)
Where to buy ticket: Purchase at Toa Payoh Central Community Center’s counter or online at this link
To indicate Activity Code: A026723855 when purchase ticket.

Come for the screening and stand a chance to win a pair of Salomon Supercross Hike/Trail Run Shoes worth $219!!!

Jointly organised by:
Ace Adventure Expeditions
Toa Payoh Adventure Club
Toa Payoh Central CC Youth Club

Lucky Draw Sponsor: LIV ACTIV & Salomon Singapore
Lucky Draw Prize: A pair of Salomon Supercross Hike/Trail Run Shoes worth $219!!!