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AAC8 Concluded

Another new milestone registered for Ace Adventure on Sat, 15 Sep 2012. We have successfully held the 8th Ace Adventure Challenge.  It was splendidly carried out by  a team of dedicated volunteers – friends of Ace Adventure.

Some of the race officials (Photo courtesy of Clarence Yap)

The race started off at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park 1 in the morning at 8am. After a 10mins delay for the first wave, the other categories started timely as planned.

The Trail Adventure Team flag-off to a blast. This category will run the whole distance, making pit stops for ropes challenges. Easy task, but good team work and endurance a must. (photo courtesy of Erwin Isaak)

With the new arrivals of Panda Kai Kai and Jia Jia, we got our Adventure Racing team to ride all the way to the Zoo to take a shot , not with the Pandas though (will be too overwhelming to the little pandas), with the welcome banner at the entrance of the Zoo.

AR Men 50 – Team Gen X at the entrance of the Zoo – CP4A, also the Champion of the AR Men, clocking 4hrs 40mins for the race. (photo courtesy of Daniel Lee)

The Trail Adventure Team went up to the Summit of Bukit Timah Hill to take a picture with the summit rock.

Team Dragon of Trail Adventure at the Summit of Bukit Timah Hill (photo courtesy of Alicia Koh)

The ropes segment of AAC is ever challenging. This round, we included a rope ladder, and rope ascending using ascenders. These activities have the reputation of causing muscle spasm, good ascending technique is critical.

Hadi of Team Adventure Maddness tackling the ascent with good technique. (photo courtesy of Erwin Isaak)

Brendan Chin of Team Double Espresso attempting the rope ladder, believe it is his first with AAC.

The less strenuous yet exhilarating for the teams is at the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Adventure Tower. Teams have to climb up a 9m wall, then abseil from the 15m tower.

Seen here is Hairul of Team Gen X, racing on the wall with Team Adventure Madness (Joseph just got on to the 9m platform).

One of the AR Teams on Abseil (photo courtesy of Dyan Tjhia)

A series of trail run and mountain biking adds on to the variety of challenges.

Trail Running  (photo courtesy of Clarence Yap)

Mountain Biking (photo courtesy of Clarence Yap)

The final stretch of the race at Pandan Reservoir

The last leg of the race was a team challenge at the Reservoir. Teams had to stay a float on the floating platoon while ensuring that they do not drop the ball given to them.

The finishing was certainly a sweet one for all teams.

The first team to reach the end point – Team Gen X of the AR Men’s. (photo courtesy of Erwin Isaak)

Our adventure racers are getting fitter, and wiser each year. As the Race Director, I am being challenged to set a course that will allow newbies a taster experience, yet sufficiently challenging for the seasoned racers. With the limited land resources we have here, organising AAC will continue to be a challenge that is so appealing to me.

Joanne Soo

AAC8 – Registration Extended

This year’s installment of Ace Adventure Challenge will be interesting. We will be working with new partners to create new challenges on the race course. A little change is sufficient to make the race a little more challenging and fun. With that, we have extended the race registration till Fri, 17 August. So, it is time to make up your mind to race or not to race! Visit our race blog at



AAC8 – Registration Starts

Hey Folks

Registration for AAC8 will commence on Mon, 30th July 2012, and will end on Wed, 15 Aug 2012.

<< Click Here >> to register!

Here are some answers to the questions that you might have:

1. For newbies, please ensure that you team up with someone with adventure racing experience, that will greatly better manage your race expectations;

2. Avoid forming a team of members who will all be participating in an adventure racing for the first time;

3. There will be no skills test conducted, or being organised. We do not require participant to submit any form of certification on any skills set (such as sport climbing, abseiling, kayaking etc); it pays to team up with someone who has the skills to guide you if you do not have any;

4. If you absolutely think that you need to have the necessary skills to better prepare yourself, you can opt to attend the following ropes related courses:

– Sport Climbing Course Level 1
– Abseiling Proficiency Course Level 1

The above courses will prepare you to have a better understanding of climbing equipment such as harness, karabiners and ropes. You can contact Climb Asia or Onsight Gym or Climbers’ Lab for such courses.

That’s about it for the time being. More race updates will be posted when it is ready.

Thank you.

Joanne Soo
Race Director