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Ace Adventure Expeditions’ Initiatives

Beyond organizing treks & climbs, we’re constantly coming up with special events. These special events, under our Initiatives, have multiple aims to promote mountain climbing and other causes.

Mountain Climbing Challenges and More Than A Trek are two of our Initiatives.

Mountain Climbing Challenges

To promote mountain climbing and to encourage people to challenge themselves physically and mentally, we have initiated and introduced a few annual mountain climbing challenges into our calendar. The mountain climbing challenges are accompanied by a team leader.

These are the mountain climbing challenges we have initiated. We’re not stopping with these few and will continue to introduce new challenges from time to time:

  • International Women’s Day (IWD) Challenge
  • Twin Peaks Challenge
  • Beyond 5000ers Challenge
  • Ice & Snow Peak Challenge

Find out more about our 2016 Mountain Climbing Challenge’s schedule

2016 - Twin Peaks Challenge (Taiwan + China) 2016 Multi Peaks

About More Than A Trek

More Than A Trek is Ace Adventure Expeditions’ charity initiatives to give back to the local communities we travel to. The aim is to help improve the living standards of some of the world’s most marginalized groups or communities, including in Singapore. We identified and tie-up with charities or NGOs to raise awareness and fund for their projects.

The latest More Than A Trek is to raise School Scholarship Fund for D2N. Education is free in Nepal, but many children cannot afford school supplies, uniforms, backpacks or even adequate shoes and a winter coat. The scholarship fund preferentially selects women of lower castes.  As long as the kids are attending school and progressing, their scholarship will be renewed annually. It cost $100 to sponsor a kid per year.

We schedule a few treks in Nepal each year under More Than A Trek. Included in the package fee is a contribution of $100 to sponsor a kid for a year. More Than A Trek’s participants are also encouraged to raise more fund through their friends and networks to sponsor more kids.

Find out more about other charity initiatives under  More Than A Trek

More Than A Trek 2016