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Joanne Soo

Joanne was introduced to trekking at a young age and continues to engage in it after she started her full time employment with a local recreational club where she organised nationwide sporting events. She stayed on with the club for 8 years before deciding to chart her own course. Joanne did not want to be just an event organiser, she wants people to keep fit and stay healthy as she strongly believes that a fit and healthy person tends to be happier and more productive at work. She set up Ace Adventure in year 2000 to specialize in organising adventure races and mountain climbing activities.

In 2004, Joanne joined a team of Singapore women to form the first Singapore women’s team to scale Mount Everest. In preparation for Everest, Joanne summitted Cho Oyu (8,201m), the 6th highest peak in world, in 2007, and summitted Mount Everest on 22nd May 2009.  In the autumn of 2011, Joanne successfully led an all-Singaporean team to summit Mt Ama Dablam (6,812m) - acclaimed for one of the most technically demanding peaks in Nepal.

Joanne enjoys the serenity she experiences in the mountains and the teamwork displayed through the camaraderie of mountaineering mates. Her mountain climbing journey has raised her personal awareness on self-discipline, accountability, resilience, and humility.  Riding on her climbing experience, Joanne develops adventure programmes for educational institutions and corporations to bring the sport of climbing closer to students and working adults. For her, climbing is intensely personal so the process must be challenging, rewarding and also enjoyable.

In recognition of her contribution to pushing boundaries, Joanne was honored as one of the Great Women of Our Time by Women’s Weekly, she also received a Special Commendation from the President, and was inducted into the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame.

Pauline Tan

Pauline started her career as an accountant. After many years in the corporate world dealing with numbers and figures, she decided to leave her job for good. She loves nature and the great outdoors and enjoys trekking. She has trekked in many places in the region and Europe. Very naturally, she gravitated towards pursuing her interests as her next job choice after leaving her accounting role and joined the adventure industry.

Trek planning is Pauline's forte and she has organized many treks. Aside from trek planning, Pauline has also led teams to trek in Malaysia and Nepal.

Pauline also manages and facilitates corporate training programs in leadership, team and personal development using impactful and creative indoor and outdoor programs.

Vinnie Tan

Passionate about the great outdoors and an adventurer at heart, Vinnie started out volunteering as a Scout leader and organized her very first trekking expedition to Mt Papandayan, West Java Indonesia in 1996. She went on to participate in Raleigh International (UK)10-week youth development expedition in Malaysia (1997). Upon returning from the expedition, she became an avid youth volunteer with Raleigh Singapore. As an active volunteer with Raleigh Singapore, Vinnie under took various leadership roles in several projects like a community hall building project in Myanmar (1999) and a rock climbing expedition to Krabi (2001) for a group of ITE’s and Boys Town’s youths. She also participated in a health education project (2005) in Nias, Indonesia. The health education project is part of an effort between Raleigh Singapore and Red Cross Singapore to restore lives back to normalcy for the islanders after the 2004 India Ocean Tsunami.

Vinnie spent several years in the telecommunication industry handling corporate sales and account management before leaving the corporate world to pursue her passion in the outdoor adventure travel industry. Vinnie’s travel philosophy has always been experiencing a place by embracing what the place has to offer and engaging in genuine contacts with the local people. She also strongly believed that the great outdoors and traveling off-the-beaten track provide an ideal ground for self discovery and character building. When leading a trek or climb, Vinnie always put an emphasis on bringing out the positive benefits (for the travelers and the local people) and minimize the negative effects (on the local communities and environment).

Vinnie enjoys crafting unique travel programs that has a purposeful objective and aims to establish many of such programs, together with her colleagues in Ace Adventure Expeditions. She has also set herself the goal to promote responsible and sustainable travel and foster an international trekking/climbing community.

To upgrade her mountaineering skills, Vinnie attended a basic ice climbing course in Mt Siguniang area in China and a Technical Mountaineering Course in the Mt Cook region in New Zealand. Some of the peaks she has led and climbed are Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Signuniang Dafeng and Erfeng, Mt Damavand, Mt Elbrus, Aconcagua, Stok Kangri and Island Peak.