Malaysia – Chemerong-Berembun-Langsir (CBL)

20 Jun 19

Malaysia – Chemerong-Berembun-Langsir (CBL)

Chemerong-Berembun- Langsir (CBL) is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful treks in West Malaysia. Located in Hulu Dungun, Terengganu, the crystal clear emerald green and turquoise pools gives this place the nickname of "Jiuzhaigou (Jiuzhai Valley) of Malaysia". The trek was first made famous by Chemorong Waterfall (370m)  - one of Malaysia’s highest waterfalls. The towering waterfall can be seen, from a distance, on the drive to the start point of the trek, and appears like a giant human figure close up. The hike to the waterfall is later combined with a trek to Gunung Berembun (1038m) and Langsir Waterfall (801m) to form the CBL trek.

There are two ultra-clean and pristine rivers on the CBL trail. At the lower part of the mountain, Sungai Chemerong runs all the way up to the impressive Chemerong Falls and past the beautiful Camp B and Camp Y. Further up, Sungai Langsir's brooks and streams starts from Gunung Berumbun all the way down to the breathtaking Langsir Falls .

The trail and campsites are so well maintained that hardly any trash can be found. There is almost NO mosquito, NO cockroach and No rat in the mountains.

To preserve and protect the mountains of its pristine conditions, the trekking permits are limited to only around 6o people a day. With only a small group of trekkers allowed on the mountain each day, the trek is hardly overcrowded, allowing trekkers to enjoy the beautiful trails and campsites without having to  jostle for space with a crowd.

About The Climb

The Chemerong-Berembun- Langsir (CBL) trek starts from the trail head at Hutan Lipur Chemerong to Chemerong Waterfall with a loop to Gunung Berembun and Langsir Waterfall. The total distance is around 27km. Trekkers can start and end from either side of the loop.

Our 3D/2N trek  starts from the trail head at Hutan Lipur Chemerong and follow the CLB route ...Chemerong-Langsir-Berembun. This route allows for a more leisurely trek with ample time to spend at each scenic spot and campsite.

Day 1 will bring us to the magnificent Chemerong Waterfall, after about an hour of walking on gradual tropical rain forest terrain from the trail head. Spend some splashing good time at the waterfall and have a picnic lunch. The trek to Kem Balak (Camp B campsite) from Chemerong Waterfall, is another short walk of about 2 hours. This section is a steep vertical ascend that require some scrambling, passing Seraya Besar (Big Tree / Y junction point) along the way. Go for a "fish spa" in the crystal clear Sungai Chemerong by Kem Balak while waiting for dinner. Enjoy star gazing once the night falls and, if you are lucky, spot some fireflies.

Day 2 is a slightly longer day of around 3.5-4 hours of trekking. The terrain is more undulating, with river/stream crossings, rather than steep vertical ascend. There are more scenic spots along the way, such as the turquoise pool of Sungai Bangan Balu and Bongsai area. There is a short section of steep uphill after crossing Sungai Bangan Balu to the Bongsai area, before the terrain becomes more gradual leading to yet another beautiful campsite at Langsir Waterfall. After settling in at the Langsir campsite, visit and have a dip at the multi-tiered emerald green Jeram Lesung pools. In the evening, head down to the rocks area of the Langsir campsite for sunset view before heading back up to the campsite for dinner and another night of star gazing.

Day 3 is the longest and toughest day of the trek. The start of the day is a short walk along Sungai Langsir to Jeram Lesung pools, before the steep uphill ascent of about 200m to the top of Gunung Berembun. This section will take around 1-1.5 hours. The descent from Gunung Berembun to the trail head is the loop to Big Hole Tree and Kem Y. After Kem Y, the loop will eventually lead back to Kem Balak (Day 1's campsite). The estimated timing to reach Kem Balak is around lunch time for a lunch break before moving on. From Kem Balak, it is another 45mins to 1 hour walk to the trail head, passing Seraya Besar (Big Tree / Y junction point) again, but skipping the detour to Chemerong Waterfall, for a shorter descent route out to the trail head to end the 3 days of scenic trek.

After the trek, we will drive to the idyllic seaside town of Kuantan to spend a night and enjoy a sumptuous seafood dinner, as well as, chill and relax, before the long drive back to Singapore the next day.

Experience Required

Good to have some tropical rain forest or below 2000m trekking experience. Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness can complete this trek and have an enjoyable time. You will be trekking for 4-6hrs daily, with a 5-6kg day pack, in tropical rainforest mountain terrain, crossing some rivers and camping for 3 days/2 nights.

Equipment and Gear

You can wear a quick dry t-shirt, sports shorts/tights or trekking pants and trail shoes. Bring rain gear, a light jacket/sweater and long pants for the night and waterproof your backpack. You will need to bring a lightweight/tropical sleeping bag and sleeping mat too. Drinking water is from the river by the campsites. For those with sensitive stomach, good to bring water purifying tablets or water filter.

Available Dates Price Qty*
20-23 Jun 2019 (with Trip Leader) $490.00 (SGD)  / person   Expired
12-15 Sep 2019 (with Trip Leader) $550.00 (SGD)  / person   Expired
18-21 Jun 2020 (with Trip Leader) $550.00 (SGD)  / person  

* You can register up to 12 participants in one go.

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Group size: 8-11 people

6-7 people: $590 per person

DayDescriptionMealsAltitude at Rest Point
Night 11230am: Meet up and board vehicle to Terengganu. -/-/-
Day 1-3Arrive at trailhead around 830am. Meet up with local guide, have breakfast and trek registration. Start 3D/2N trek. Overnight in Kuantan on Day 3B/L/D Kem Balak - 400m
Langsir - 800m
Kuantan - 22m
Day 4Depart from Kuantan around 11am and drive back to Singapore.B/-/-


  • Chartered air-conditioned van
  • Meals as indicated in itinerary
  • Accommodation: 1 night at local 3* hotel in Kuantan (twin/triple sharing), 2 nights camping in open tents (5 trekkers to 1 open tent)
  • Trek support: Trek leader (first aid responder + experience with good track records in leading Malaysia treks) and local trekking guide(s)
  • Permits & fees: trek permit
  • Safety management and first aid support
  • Travel insurance (Can be deducted if you have your own)


  • Visa (if required)
  • Meals not indicated in itinerary
  • Drinking water and beverages
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal hiking & travel gear - sleeping bag and sleeping mat etc
  • Emergency evacuation and medical expenses
  • Compensation for damaged or lost of personal items (eg: climbing/trekking gear and equipment, cameras and any valuable items etc)
  • Any expenses including accommodation, meals & transfer outside the stipulated trek/climb itinerary – i.e. any person leaving the group for personal travel, illness/injury or any form of extension of stay
  • Any expenses including meals & transfer outside the stipulated itinerary

Grading: 1B

Training: Regardless of your level of fitness and physical conditions, it is advisable to train prior to embarking on a trekking or mountain climbing trip.

Pure cardiovascular fitness is NOT enough.

Focus your training effort in the following areas, assuming that you are in good health and injury-free:

  1. Climbing conditioning – stairs and load training.
  2. Cardio training - Jogging/running and interval training like CrossFit or HIIT.
  3. Strength training for the lower body, shoulder, back and core
  4.  Flexibility training - eg: Yoga and stretching exercises

A good one-two month of training would be a good preparation for this trek.

A recommended training guide specific to the trek or climb will be given to you upon signing up.

Refer to our Grading chart for an overview on the technical difficulty and fitness required for this trek.

Refer to our Training Guide for tips on trekking and mountain climbing training.