Malaysia – Mt Ophir

14 Jul 18

Malaysia – Mt Ophir


Mt Ophir (1276m) is located near a small town called Sargil within the Gunung Ledang National Park in Tangkak District, Johor, Malaysia. The summit is the highest point in Johor and situated between the border of Muar and Malacca. It is one of the most popular day trek destination with hikers from Singapore, as well as, the locals living in Johor, Malacca and Kuala Lumpur. The summit offers spectacular view and the Straits of Malacca.

At 1276m above sea level, it is the highest mountain in Johore. Being so near to Singapore, it is one of the most popular day trek destination with hikers from Singapore. A trek to the summit can be very challenging for those new to hiking and a good level of fitness will be required. Some of the steepest portion have ropes or ladders to assist the hikers, a daunting task for those afraid of height. A round trip to the summit & back would take about 9hrs or more, therefore it will be important for day trippers to start early in order not to be caught in the dark on the descent.

About The Climb

Mt Ophir is one of the more challenging day trek among the mountains in West Malaysia.

Our Mt Ophir itinerary starts with a 4am pre-dawn 2.5hrs to 3hrs drive to Mt Ophir's foothill. The aim is to reach the foothill by 7-30am and start trekking by 8-830am. After meeting the local guides and settling all the pre-climb arrangements at the National Park Office, we will start trekking.

Our trek to the summit is via the main Lagenda trail.

There are 8 Check Points on the Lagenda trail to the summit with a split route after CP3. We will trek from CP1 to CP3 and take the more direct route up to CP5 and KFC (Killing Fitness Centre), skipping the longer diversion to the right, eastward to CP4.

The route starts from the National Park Office with a series of concrete steps to gradual rainforest terrain from CP1 (Bukit Semput) to CP2 (Hentian Meranti) to Cp3 (Batu Orkid). The steep and challenging sections are all after CP3.

After CP3, the trail gets steeper with the need to use ladders and ropes in certain sections. Skipping Cp4, the next check point is at CP5 (Sg Segi Tiga), which is also a water point, where the local guides and some hikers will gather water from the stream to drink. Then comes the KFC (Killing Fitness Centre) - the infamous stretch of Mount Ophir, where ladders are in place to help hikers clear the steep section to reach CP6 (Gua Kambing). And, the challenges continue after CP6 with boulders and rockfaces to clear! A series of seemingly endless ladders and ropes will bring us past Batu Hampar and Taman Bonsai to reach CP7 (Bukit Botak). From CP7, the summit at CP8 (Puncak Mahligai) is a short distance away past dense lalangs and a final short section of ladders.

At the summit, the telecommunication tower in the next summit and view of the Straits of Malacca is visible on a clear day.

After a quick lunch break and enjoying the view at the summit, we start our descend, which will take another 4 to 6 hours. The ascend is around 5-6 hours.

Have a quick wash up at the foothill, followed by dinner in Tangkak town, before driving to Malacca to check-in to a hotel for a well deserved rest.

To lower the risk of having to rush back to Singapore past midnight, we stay in Malacca for 1 night after the trek. Trekkers can enjoy the good food, massage and Jonker Street etc in Malacca before heading back to Singapore the following day.

The next day, i.e. Sunday morning after breakfast, it is be a free & easy time to explore Malacca town before boarding the transport at 3pm for Singapore. Depending on the jam at the immigration check point, the  group will arrive back in Singapore at about 8pm.

Experience Required

Good to have some tropical rainforest or below 2000m trekking experience. You will be trekking for 8 to 9hrs with a 4-5kg day pack on mostly vertical terrain. The terrain from Cp3 to CP8 is steep and challenging, mainly huge boulders and rock faces, with many ladders and ropes to clear.

Equipment and Gear

You can wear a quick dry t-shirt, sports shorts/tights or trekking pants and trail shoes. Bring rain gear and waterproof your backpack.

Available Dates Price Qty*
14-15 Jul 2018 $240.00 (SGD)  / person   Expired
16-17 Mar 2019 $240.00 (SGD)  / person  
13-14 Jul 2019 $240.00 (SGD)  / person  

* You can register up to 12 participants in one go.

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Group size: 8 - 15 people

Day 14am: Meet Up. Board vehicle to Malaysia. There will be NO stopover for breakfast. Bring packed breakfast to be consumed in vehicle.

7am-730am: Arrive at Mt Ophir foothill, meet local guides, registration & start trek to summit.

1pm-1.30pm: Arrive summit. After a quick lunch and photo taking at the summit, start the descend to the foothill. (The turn around time is 1.30pm)

5pm-6pm: Arrive at foothill. Change / Wash up. Board vehicle to Tangkak for dinner.

7pm-8pm: Drive to Malacca for overnight.
Day 2Free & easy in Malacca.

3pm: Board transport and drive back to Singapore.

8-9pm: Arrive in Singapore.


  • Chartered air-conditioned mini-van (SIN-Sargil-Malacca-Johore Bahru-SIN)
  • 1 x trek leader (first aid responder + experience with good track records in leading Malaysia treks)
  • Trekking guide(s)
  • Permit fee
  • Accommodation:  1 x night in hotel in Malacca (twin/triple  sharing)
  • Safety management and first aid support
  • Travel insurance @S$18 (Can be deducted if you have your own)


  • Visa fee (if any)
  • All meals
  • Single supplement
  • All tipping
  • Drinking water and beverages
  • Personal expenses during the trip –  shower fee, soft drinks, souvenirs etc
  • Personal hiking & travel gear
  • Compensation for damage or lost of personal items (eg: climbing/trekking gear and equipment, cameras and any valuable items etc)
  • Emergency evacuation and medical expenses
  • Extra expenses incurred for change of itinerary

Grading: 2A

Training: Regardless of your level of fitness and physical conditions, it is advisable to train prior to embarking on a trekking or mountain climbing trip.

Pure cardiovascular fitness is NOT enough.

Focus your training effort in the following areas, assuming that you are in good health and injury-free:

  1. Climbing conditioning – stairs and load training.
  2. Cardio training - Jogging/running and interval training like CrossFit or HIIT.
  3. Strength training for the lower body, shoulder, back and core
  4.  Flexibility training - eg: Yoga and stretching exercises

A good 2 months of training would be a good preparation for this trek.

Refer to our Grading chart for an overview on the technical difficulty and fitness required for this trek.

Refer to our Training Guide for tips on trekking and mountain climbing training.