More Than A Trek – Charity Initiatives


About More Than A Trek

More Than A Trek is Ace Adventure Expeditions’ charity initiatives to give back to the local communities we travel to. The aim is to help improve the living standards of some of the world’s most marginalized groups or communities, including in Singapore. We identified and tie-up with charities or NGOs to raise awareness and fund for their projects.

These are the initiatives thus far:


Women On Mountains  aims to bring women together to climb a mountain. The objectives are to encourage women to challenge themselves mentally and physically and to support a women’s cause.

Women On Mountains’ participants will help to raise fund for Project Pari. Project Pari is a project by Zonta Club of Singapore to help secondary schoolgirls from low income families during their years of their secondary school education. Each student will receive a monthly pocket allowance to enable them to have proper meals and for transportation. Life skill programmes are conducted to help instil in the teenagers a sense of self-worth and to learn skills such as personal hygiene and financial management.

It cost $750 to provide for each Project Pari girl for a year. The sum covers $50 monthly pocket money plus the enrichment activities that Zonta Club of Singapore organizes for the girls.


Save The Sharks With Dorsal Effect 

About 400 sharks are killed each day at Tanjung Luar, Lombok, Indonesia. Their fins are 15270084128_8c2e095846_b15456702805_5ff494e12a_b

exported to countries such as Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, where shark-fin soup is consumed. This is not sustainable given the slow reproduction rate of sharks. Furthermore, the biggest earners from this trade are the fin traders. In comparison, the boat owners and fishermen are paid trifling sums but toil the hardest, seeing little of the profits made within the lucrative shark-finning industry.

The Dorsal Effect began with a vision to put an end to shark-finning and fishing in Lombok, Indonesia. To save the sharks, they provide alternative livelihoods to exploited shark fishermen by employing them to run boat tours. Through snorkeling, diving and beach-hopping tours using the once-shark boats, these shark fishermen can earn more equitable income through a steady stream of tourists wanting to go on their boat tours. These boat tours also help the shark fishermen see the long-term and sustainable tourist value of sharks -alive than dead.

We have included an optional boat day tour with Dorsal Effect in our Mt Rinjani trips. The boat tour are conducted by ex-shark fishermen hired by Dorsal Effect.


School Scholarship Fund for D2N. Education is free in Nepal, but many children cannot afford school supplies, uniforms, backpacks or even adequate shoes and a winter coat. The scholarship fund preferentially selects women of lower castes.  As long as the kids are attending school and progressing, their scholarship will be renewed annually. It cost $100 to sponsor a kid per year.

Included in the package fee of all our treks in Nepal is a $100 contribution to sponsor a kid for a year. More Than A Trek’s participants are also encouraged to raise more fund through their friends and networks to sponsor more kids.

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