Mountain Climbing Challenges

mountain-climbing-challenges-posterMountain Climbing Challenges

To promote mountain climbing and to encourage people to challenge themselves physically and mentally, we have initiated and introduced a few annual mountain climbing challenges into our calendar. These mountain climbing challenges are accompanied by a trek leader.

Each trek leader has the relevant trekking/climbing skills, knowledge of care and safety at high altitude and with the right temperament to lead groups. All of our team leaders are familiar with what we expect from them and how we like them to lead trips on our behalf.  Their skills, knowledge and experience complement that of the local climbing/trekking guides . Their main aim will be to ensure that you derive optimum benefit and learning and operate with safety as the prime consideration.

These are the mountain climbing challenges we have initiated thus far. We’re not stopping with these few and will continue to introduce new challenges from time to time:

Twin Peaks Challenge

It is possible to scale 2 or multi-peaks in a single trip in some destinations, given adequate time and preparation.  The Twin Peaks Challenge put together scaling 2 peaks in one itinerary. These twin peaks are picked where the ground logistic can be easily arranged and the duration of the entire trip does not stretch too long.

Mt Alam Kuh (4850m) & Mt Damavand (5671m)  : 10 – 23 Jun 2018

Mt. Siguniang, 1st Peak (5038m) &  2nd Peak (5276m): 13 – 23 Oct 2018

Jade Mountain (3952m) & Snow Mountain (3886m):  8 – 15 Dec 2018

Volcanic Mountain Challenge

Volcanic mountains are typically standalone cone-shaped mountains formed from many layers of ash, rock and hardened lava. Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Rinjani, Mt Fuji and Mt Damavand are a few of the world’s most famous volcanic mountains. Because of its shape and materials, most volcanic mountains’ terrain are vertical ascend and descend rather than undulating. Without a doubt, there will be loose scree too! Our Volcanic Mountain Challenge brings us to climb 2 active volcanoes – Mt Rinjani (2nd highest volcano in Indonesia / 3726m) and Mt Damavand (the highest volcano in Iran, Middle East and Asia/5671m).

Mt Rinjani: 25-30 May 2018 / 18-23 Jul 2018 / 12-17 Sep 2018

Mt Damavand (5671m): 14-23 Jun 2018 / 2-11 Aug 2018

Ice & Snow Peak Challenge

Ice and snow peaks that require the use use of crampons, ice axe, rope up or fixed rope put a greater demand on fitness and skills. We have selected peaks, such as Stok Kangri, that are suitable for those who have experience in multi-days high altitude treks and want to progress to ice & snow peak climbing. There are also peaks, like Mt Khuiten and Lenin Peak, that require participants to be experienced mountain climbers who have ice and snow peak climbing skills.