Mt Rinjani (3726m) – Swiss Alps of South East Asia

Mt Rinjani, we called it the Swiss Alps of SEA because of the stunning scenery, especially of the crater lake. The climb to the summit on loose volcanic rocks and soil feels like walking on a vertical beach. With every step sinking into the loose rocks and soil, great effort and good footwork technic need to be applied to prevent one from sliding back. This is the most exhausting part of the climb where trekkers give up before reaching the summit. For those who persevere and push on till the summit, the feeling of elation and sense of achievement blending in with the surrounding breath-taking view where you can see as far as Mt Agung in Bali on a clear day, is a memory you’ll remember for a life-time.
Spending a night at the emerald green crate lake, a pilgrimage destination for the local people, after the summit climb is another experience on its own. The lake with an active volcanic cone – Gunung Baru – within it, emits an enchanted sense of calm, peace and beauty. The nearby hot spring provides a perfect source of relief for the aching muscles after the summit climb. It is no wonder that many fall in love with the place on their first visit that on their trek out, they’re already thinking of coming back again ….
These pictures are taken during our latest trip to Mt Rinjani this month (June 2013). Visit our Facebook at  for more pictures !
Our next trip : 24 Sep – 1 Oct 2013 !!!
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