Time for Nepal – Autumn Trekking

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Well known to be one of the world’s best trekking destinations, Nepal has two trekking seasons – Spring (March – May) and Autumn (October to December ) .

And, it is in Nepal that you can find treks that cater to all, from those who have never set foot into the mountains to the hardcore mountain climbers. There are treks ranging from below 3000m easy hikes of one to a few days through villages that dotted the lower terrain of the mountain range to challenging snow peaks of various soaring heights that are bare of any vegetation and uninhabitable.

Most of the popular treks are found in Annapurna, Everest (Khumbu) and Langtang – the three major trekking regions in Nepal. As these regions are well developed to cater to trekkers, the trekking routes are supported by a multitude of  teahouses, allowing trekkers the luxury of being able to order meals from a wide range of selection from the teahouse’s dinning menu and a room with beds for a good night rest after hours of walking in the mountain each day.

The autumn trekking season is right around the corner. This autumn, we have put together a few treks of various grading for each of the three regions to suit the different trekking desires .

Come experience trekking in Nepal with us !

Expedition Region Date (2013) Grading
22D Island Peak Everest (Khumbu) 6 – 27 Oct StrenuousFor experience climbers
12D Poon Hill Annapurna 1 – 12 Nov ModerateSuitable for beginners
17D Langtang Valley Gosaikunda Lake Langtang 28 Nov –  14 Dec Moderate to Strenuous
22D Yala Peak Gosaikunda Lake Langtang 28 Nov – 19 Dec StrenuousFor experience trekkers

For Island Peak, contact Joanne Soo for details :joanne@aceadventure.com.sg

For Poon Hill and Langtang treks, contact Vinnie Tan for details : vinnie@aceadventure.com.sg

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