11D Bhutan Treks + Domkhar Festival

Bhutan – the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ – perched among the peaks of Eastern Himalayas has been described as the last Shangri-La. A fantastic way to truly embrace the essence of Bhutan is by embarking on a trek along its historic paths or amidst its breathtaking mountain landscapes. Our proposed itinerary includes day hikes along ancient trails, providing an opportunity to immerse yourself in the serenity of high-altitude nature while ensuring a comfortable stay at a hotel. Towards the conclusion of the journey, we present an elevated challenge—a night of trekking and a luxurious camping experience. This unique trek allows you to approach the iconic Taktsang Monastery, also known as Tiger’s Nest, from a vantage point above it.

Bhutan is also known for its vibrant festivals, or Tsechus, which showcase traditional Bhutanese culture through mask dances, religious ceremonies, and cultural performances. This trip includes experiencing the Domkhar Festival, which is one of the most popular and significant festivals among the locals in Bumthang, fostering a sense of unity, spirituality, and cultural pride.

Join us for an experience of a lifetime!

Trip date: 14-24 April 2024 (Sun-Wed)
Package fee: S$4,800 / person
International Airfare: S$1,500 / person (subject to change)
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