Custom Edition Buff Available For Purchase !

Many thanks to those who are concerned and have asked about how our business is affected during this unprecedented time. Without a doubt, we are hit hard, since travel has come to a halt. We are doing whatever we can to last, determined to survive and emerge stronger when sunshine and rainbows come again.

During this time, when the entire travel and tourism industry has in effect shut down for the next few months or potentially longer, we are selling our custom edition Buff to help us tide through this difficult time.

At ONLY $25 a piece, our custom edition Buff is a STEAL ! 🙂 Buy one for yourself or a few to give away as gifts for friends or someone whom you know might need one (eg: guides or porters whom you will be meeting in your trekking/mountain climbing trips when we are all able to return to the mountains again!)

We are extremely grateful to Adventure 21 for allowing us to use their shop for the Buff collection. Collection will be after 4 May 2020, when non essential services and shops are opened for business again.

A BIG THANK YOU & HUGS in advance to those who come forward to purchase our custom edition Buff to help us!

You may click on this link to make your purchase: Buy AAE Custom Edition Buff

TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER ! We can get through this together!

Be safe and healthy, keep fit, stay at home, wash hands with soap !