Ong Yun Long

We are bringing on board a group of volunteer mountaineering leaders to help lead our Ice and Snow Peaks Challenge.

Yun Long is trained in wilderness first responder with NOLS, a Mountaineering First Aid volunteer instructor, and a Registered Nurse by profession. He is also a certified climb leader with a local climbing club in Portland, OR (http:

His love for the mountains started after a 28-day hike in the Himalayas in the late 1990s. That deep sense of appreciation for the mountain deepens with his quest to explore more peaks and to share stories from the deepest reaches of valleys and mountains.

As he puts it, climbing allows him to enter “the now” moment – what Buddhists call mindfulness – not just while clinging to rocks in mid-air, but “strolling down a fairway or looking out the window at a birch tree swaying in the breeze.”

He has no desire to be the faster climber or coolest person in the room. What makes his day is the innate desire to share his climb experience with someone or groups of people. He wants to be the person whose shoulders can be made available for someone to stand on and to reach the top of the mountain. What motivates him is to have his students excel in their chosen field of climbs, be it mountaineering or rock-climbing!

Currently working and residing in Portland, Yun Long said that it is the ability to combine both his passion for the outdoor and medicine to the fore, that led him to an unwavering pursuit of seeking a balance between work and outdoors. This pursuit eventually took him to the Pacific Northwest, the giant playground that prides itself with major peaks within driving distance from Portland and Seattle. When he is not playing outdoor, he can be seen hanging out at the local rock gym.

This is his take on risk taking as mountain climbers:

“Most climbers are aware of the inherent risk of engaging in outdoor activities. While we all strike a balance between risk-taking and risk-aversion, it is incumbent that we as climbers have a clear understanding of that balance that sets us apart from risky behaviors.”


Partial list of Yun Long’s outdoor experience.

*Rock-climbing in SE Asia (Thailand, Malaysia), French Alps (Chamonix), Colorado, Washington State,

*Mountaineering in the French Alps (Chamonix-area), Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington state), California, Tanzania (Kilimanjaro), Aconcagua (Argentina)

*Hiking in Austrian Alps, India, Bhutan, SE Asia, China, New Zealand, Vietnam and Nepal