AAE SG Adventures – Terms & Conditions

Please read the following Covid-19 Response Safe Management Measures and General Terms and Conditions before making a reservation. By signing up and participating in any programme offered by Ace Adventure Expeditions Pte Ltd (AAE), you are deemed to have read and understood the following paragraphs and agree to adhere to them.



  1. AAE will ensure that our staff are familiar with the specified symptoms, and are well briefed on all relevant safe management measures.
  2. Participants may be required to take a temperature check before the start of each programme and any Participant who is febrile (i.e. feverish) and/or appear to be unwell with the specified symptoms will be disallowed from participating in the programme.
  3. Participants are required to wash their hands with water and soap, or use hand sanitisers if water and soap is unavailable, before the start of programme.
  4. AAE will take attendance of the Participants and keep the contact particulars of Participants for contact tracing purposes for at least 30 days.
  5. A pre-programme briefing will be conducted by our staff to ensure that all SMMs relevant to Participants are conveyed.
  6. Participants who are aged ≥60 years or have pre- existing medical conditions are of higher risk of developing serious health complications if infected with COVID-19. Please take additional precautions to safeguard your health and wellbeing.


  1. Participants are required to wear a mask during the programme, except where allowed under the Control Order (e.g. where eating, drinking or taking medication; or when engaging in strenuous physical exercise).
  2. Participants will be organised into sub-groups of up to 5 people (or the stipulated number allowed by regulations). You are to maintain at least 1m spacing and no intermingling between different sub-groups is allowed at all times.
  3. During the programme, Participants that may display the specified symptoms will be required to immediately leave the programme to seek medical treatment or, if the Participant is not able to leave the programme to seek medical treatment, we will isolate the Participant from the others, provide with surgical masks, maintain safe distance, and arrange for the Participant to obtain medical treatment.
  4. Participants are encouraged to follow the programme itinerary and not leave the group unnecessarily.


  1. The Participant is aware that the AAE programme requires some physical exertion and the Participant confirms that he/she is in good health and suffers no physical or mental injury, illness or disability that would make the Participant susceptible to injury or disability while participating in an AAE programme. The Participant is responsible for his/her own health and well-being and is advised to take up his/her own Personal Accident and Liability Insurance.
  2. AAE reserves the right to dismiss any Participant at any time if, in the sole judgement of AAE, it is in the best interest of that Participant or any other person.
  3. AAE reserves the right to change, alter or cancel the programme as, in AAE’s sole discretion, AAE finds necessary for the proper and safe conduct of the programme.
  4. AAE reserves the right to take photographs or videos during the programme and to use the resulting photography, videos, or recordings for promotional or commercial use in any form of media such as print, broadcast, outdoor, and digital media, including social media. By making a reservation on a programme by AAE, the Participant agrees to allow his/her likeness to be used by AAE, AAE-authorised third parties, without compensation to the Participant. If the Participant prefers that his/her likeness not be used, he/she must notify us in writing prior to the start of the programme.
  5. Participants agree not to participate in the publishing of any programme related news, dispatches, cybercasts, or other media content during the course of the programme without written agreement by AAE in advance. Requests to use Content for any purpose should be directed to contact@aceadventure.com.sg.
  6. AAE hereby gives notice that it only serves as an agent for programmes, transportation, venues, and other services, and that no responsibility or liability is assumed by AAE in connection with any service, including but not limited to any company, organisation or person engaged in rendering such services, and that AAE will not be responsible for any act, error, omission, nor any injury, loss, accident, delay, irregularity, or danger by a supplier of programme services to Participants in AAE programmes.


a) Cancellation by Participant

  • ​Once a programme is confirmed, it is non-cancellable and there is strictly no refund. AAE shall allow it to be transferrable to another person or a later date on a case-by-case basis.
  • ​​Participants are advised to be at the scheduled meeting point 15 minutes before programme starts. If a Participant is late or leaves a programme part way, there will be no full or partial refund or transfer.

​b) Cancellation by AAE

  • ​If programmes are cancelled by AAE, for any other reason, Participants will be offered a choice of a full refund or transfer to another date. In that event, Participants will be notified by email using the email address that was provided at the point of registration.

8.   AAE reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.