Tiger Leaping Gorge & Tea Horse Trail

The Tiger Leaping Gorge – Haba Village Trek is one of our latest Start Trekking adventures. This trek is split into two sections: the first involves a two-and-a-half-day treks over three days in the renowned Tiger Leaping Gorge area covering 22km of the Ancient Tea Horse Road, followed by a one-day hike up a hill in the quieter Haba Village.

You will visit the White Water Terrace (白水台), one of the most captivating spots in the mysterious Shangri-La. This ancient Chinese land form, with a history spanning 200,000 to 300,000 years, features a striking white mineral deposit forming terraced pools. These terraces are created by calcium-rich water from springs at the top of the formation and are considered the largest of their kind in China. The trip will end with a visit to the sacred and magnificent Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (玉龙雪山).

About the Ancient Tea Horse Road/Trail
The old Tea Horse Trails consist of two major routes: the southern route, which runs from Yunnan to Tibet, and the northern route, which extends from Sichuan to Tibet. Now commonly known as the Ancient Tea Horse Road, was a network of trade routes connecting the tea-producing regions of Yunnan (primarily in the southeast, around Pu’er 普洱 and Xishuangbanna 西双版纳) and Sichuan 四川 (particularly around Ya’an 雅安) with tea-consuming areas across China, especially Tibet. This 2,250km long trading route is also occasionally called the Southern Silk Road and extended as far as Bengal in South Asia.

Trip date: Sat, 12 Oct – Fri, 18 Oct 2024
Trek Package fee: S$1450 / person (minimum 6 people)

Trip details: https://aceadventure.com.sg/tour/china-tiger-leaping-gorge-haba-village-trek-with-jade-dragon-mountain/

This trek will be led by one of AAE’s Trek Leaders along with local Naxi trekking guides.
*Airfare is not included, we will coordinate on the preferred flight to take with the confirmed participants.

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