Trek Two Peaks in a Trip!

Trekking in Taiwan offers an opportunity to connect with nature, explore diverse landscapes, and immerse yourself in the island’s rich culture and history. Whether you’re a novice hiker or an experienced trekker, Taiwan’s natural beauty and well-developed trekking infrastructure make it an appealing destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Since you’re planning to go trekking in Taiwan, why not consider extending your trip to include the adventure of trekking two peaks? We’ve organised the trekking schedule for 2024, giving you the option to either trek a single peak or, for an even more rewarding experience, to continue on and climbed a second peak, all within an 8-day journey.

Here are the itineraries:

5-Day JiaMing Lake Trek (click here for more details JiaMing Lake)

Day 1Arrive in Taipei. Flight arrival before 1pm.
Transfer to Hualien.
Overnight: Hualien hotel (900m)
Day 2Transfer to Jiaminghu trailhead (2370m).
Trek to Siangyang Cabin.
Overnight: Siangyang cabin (2850m)
Day 3Trek to Jiaminghu Cabin.
Trek to Mt Sancha Peak (3496m)
Trek to Jiaming Lake (3310m).
Return to Jiaminghu Cabin.
Overnight: Jiaminghu cabin (3350m)
Day 4Descend to trailhead via Siangyang Cabin.
Transfer to Taipei.
Overnight: Taipei hotel
Day 5Depart Taipei.
(if you plan to stay on to trek Jade Mountain,
today will be the Day-1 of Jade Mountain itinerary)

4-Day Jade Mountain Trek (click here for more details Jade Mountain)

Day 1Arrive in Taipei. Flight arrival before 1pm.
Transfer to Dongpu.
Overnight: Dongpu hotel (1200m)
Day 2Transfer to Tatajia Visitors’ Center (2400m).
Trek to Paiyun Cabin.
Overnight: Paiyun cabin (3402m)
Day 3Summit trek – Yushan Main Peak (3952m).
Return to Paiyun Cabin.
Descend to Tatajia trailhead. Transfer to Taipei.
Overnight: Taipei hotel
Day 4Depart Taipei.

Here are the trekking dates:

JiaMing Lake TrekJade Mountain Trek
10-14 Mar 2024 (11 Nov 2023)
09-13 Apr 2024 (3 Dec 2023)13-16 Apr 2024 (7 Dec 2023)
04-08 Jun 2024 (29 Jan 2024)01-04 Jun 2024 (26 Jan 2024)
15-19 Oct 2024 (9 Jun 2024)19-22 Oct 2024 (13 Jun 2024)
10-14 Dec 2024 (4 Aug 2024)07-10 Dec 2024 (1 Aug 2024)
We will apply for the permits 4 months in advance. The closing date for registration is indicated in brackets.
Note: In June 2024 – Jade Mountain’s date is earlier than JiaMing Lake

Whether you choose to trek to JiaMing Lake or embark on a back-to-back climb of both treks, trekking in Taiwan offers an opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and to unwind in a peaceful natural setting.

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