Women On Mountains

9 Nov 19

Women On Mountains


Women on Mountains is an Ace Adventure Expeditions' initiative to celebrate womenhood by encouraging women to challenge themselves through mountain climbing and to support a charity cause to help other women.

Included in the Women on Mountains' package cost is a $100 contribution to Project Pari. Each Women on Mountains' participant will also received a Women on Mountains' t-shirt and a copy of the Singapore Women Everest Team's book.

Through Women on Mountains', we hope more women will be inspired to challenge themselves and greater awareness can be generated for women’s causes.

Where Are Women On Mountains Going in 2019

The past few Women on Mountains Challenges, have been either Everest Base Camp Trek or Mt Kilimanjaro. For 2019, we decided not to go to the mountain but picked Australia longest coastal trek - Cape To Cape Track - for a change. The Cape To Cape Track can cater to a broader range of fitness and  trekking experiences, such that any lady can take up the challenge and be a part of Women on Mountains!

9D Cape To Cape Track: 9-17 Nov 2019

The Cape to Cape Track is a world class and longest coastal trek in Australia. Located in the far southwest edge of Western Australia, in the famous wine region of Margaret River, the trek meanders along the entire length of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge, covering a distance of 135km. Spanning from Cape Leeuwin to Cape Naturaliste, it offers a vast variety of extraordinary landscapes - pristine white sandy beaches, rugged limestone sea cliffs, secluded coves, granite outcrops, hamlets and villages, peppermint tree woodlands and towering Karri forests - with close proximity to limestone caves and vineyards and an ever present azure blue sea views along the coast.

Being located in Margaret River, an area renowned for its excellent lodging, dining and wine! , our Cape to Cape Track not only offer the stunning and wild coastal landscapes, physical challenge, new friendships but also delicious and nourishing meals and trail snacks prepared from the finest and freshest local produce harvested from the area. Each day's gourmet and sumptuous evening dinner is either prepared by our caterer (like BBQ at the campsite) or at one of the many great restaurants. A feast to celebrate the end of each day's walking with a well deserved rest at a deluxe campsite with luxurious airbeds and, best of all, a hot shower!

Experience Required

No trekking experience is required. Anyone with a good level of fitness can complete this trek. The trek requires you to walk an average distance of 14-22km each day, for 7 days, with a 3-4kg backpack load. The greatest challenges are the beach stretches (especially when they are soft) and the length (135km for 7 days).

Equipment and Gear

You can wear a quick dry t-shirt, sports shorts/tights or trekking pants and trail shoes. Bring a light rain jacket, waterproof your backpack and have adequate sun protection. A light warm jacket is good to have for the evenings at the campsite.

A packing list will be provided to all our participants. Please refer to our Resource Centre page to learn about the layering system and choose the right gear/equipment for your trek.

  • All Women On Mountains treks are accompanied by an experienced female trek leader  from Singapore.
  • Group size: min 6 people.


Refer to the Cape To Cape Track page for details

Refer to the Cape To Cape Track page for details

Grading: Cape To Cape Track 1B

Training: Regardless of your level of fitness and physical conditions, it is advisable to train prior to embarking on a trekking or mountain climbing trip.

Pure cardiovascular fitness is NOT enough.

Focus your training effort in the following areas, assuming that you are in good health and injury-free:

  1. Climbing conditioning – stairs and load training.
  2. Cardio training - Jogging/running and interval training like CrossFit or HIIT.
  3. Strength training for the lower body, shoulder, back and core
  4. Flexibility training - eg: Yoga and stretching exercises

A good three months of training would be a good preparation for the Cape To Cape Track.

A recommended training guide specific to the trek or climb will be given to you upon signing up.

Refer to our Grading chart for an overview on the technical difficulty and fitness required for this trek.

Refer to our Training Guide for tips on trekking and mountain climbing training.