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About Ace Adventure Expeditions

Ace Adventure Expeditions is an outdoor adventure company based in Singapore. Through years of organising adventure-related events as well as trekking and mountain climbing trips, we have established ourselves as the benchmark of quality in the adventure community. Our mountain climbing and trekking trips include destinations in the Himalayas, the Seven Summits, and all around Asia.

Being a forward-thinking company, we are constantly striving and evolving to bring more adventures that are educational, innovative, and exciting to you and in the process establish our presence globally. 

As a leading outdoor adventure company, it is important for us to go above and beyond to offer quality in our services. It has always been our company’s ethos to go the extra mile with you and for you. From the moment you embark on an adventure with us, we are with you at every step – from planning to post-trip gatherings. Our aim is to aid you in making informed decisions, expanding your knowledge of the great outdoors, preparing well for the trip, and most importantly discovering more about yourself with each adventure you take with us.  Our primary focus is on ensuring that you have an incredible adventure and, in the process, forge meaningful connections and friendships!

Over the years, we have built a close-knit community with those who have journeyed with us in the past and continue to explore the world alongside us. Like them, we aspire for your adventure with us to be an ongoing journey! Be part of our fun and adventurous community where camaraderie lasts indefinitely.  We are here to accompany you on adventures, as we navigate both literal and metaphorical paths and mountains together, and through it all create unforgettable memories.  After all, memories are not meant to be limited to just one occasion. So, let’s evolve and advance together!

Come join the Ace Adventure Expeditions community and together we shall embark on many memorable adventures!

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