Liew Wei Yong

We are extremely privileged and grateful to have Liew Wei Yong as our training partner. Liew Wei Yong is helping to train and advise our participants on strength, conditioning and cardio training.

Known for being a “dynamic and talented running coach and personal trainer”, Liew Wei Yong was voted Best Running Coach in Singapore by online sports portal, Run Society. Having been a personal trainer and running coach for more than 15 years, Wei Yong believes that there is no shortcut in training. She’s set up Train Live Compete Pte Ltd with the vision of encouraging people from all walks of life to prioritise exercise as a part of their lifestyle. “Whether you are rich or poor, young or old, exercise should always be a part of you. Besides Personal Training, Wei Yong also conducts corporate trainings. Companies and organisations like VODAFONE, DSTA, CAAS, Singapore Police Force, Hewlett Packard, Langkawi Development Authority, SINGTEL Recreation Centre, Charis Methodist Activity Centre of the Elderly have engaged Wei Yong’s expertise to boost staff’s Strength and Fitness and Morale. On a personal note, Wei Yong is an avid runner and had conquered numerous ultra-races including Gobi Desert, Sahara Desert, Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail, Translantau 50, Wilson Trail 78km, TMBT Ultra Trail Marathon. She’s also completed marathons within top 16 placing and prides herself being the winner of the inaugural National Stepper Challenge 2015.