Joanne Soo

Founder / Director / Expedition Leader

Joanne spent eight years working at a local recreational club, where she organised nationwide sporting events.  In 2000, she founded her own company, Ace Adventure, focusing on organising adventure races and mountain climbing activities.  Her motivation for this endeavour stemmed from her strong belief that physical fitness and health contribute to greater happiness and productivity in the workplace.

Her pivotal journey began in 2004 when Joanne joined a group of Singaporeans to form the first Singapore women’s team to scale Mount Everest.  In preparation for Everest, she climbed Cho Oyu (8,201m), the sixth highest peak in the world and reached its summit in 2007.  Joanne and her team then proceeded to climb Mount Everest and reached its summit in May 2009.  In the Autumn of 2011, Joanne successfully led an all-Singaporean team in scaling Ama Dablam (6,812m), a peak known for its technical challenges in Nepal.

Throughout her career, Joanne has overseen over 100 expeditions, including leading all-women’s teams on various trekking trips, such as to the Everest Base Camp and Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa. Leveraging her climbing experience, Joanne has also led students on mountain climbing adventures with a focus on leadership and character development.  Her passion for sharing her experiences and insights led her to deliver motivational talks and workshops to corporations, private institutions, and the general public.

In recognition of her contribution to pushing boundaries, Joanne was honoured by Women’s Weekly as one of the Great Women of Our Time, she has also received a Special Commendation from the President of Singapore, and was inducted into the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame.