Start Trekking

Start Trekking 2017 1For those of you who have been wanting to put on a pair of trekking boots to start trekking, this Start Trekking programme is FOR YOU! Our Start Trekking programme is, as much as for those who are new to trekking, as it is for those with some trekking experience and simply want to embark on a short duration scenic trek.

Training and Gear/High Altitude Health Knowledge Sessions

To help prepare for your first trekking adventure, we have included a training session and a gear/high altitude healthcare knowledge session prior to your trip. The training session will cover the basic trekking techniques on footwork, pacing, use of trekking poles, etc. The gear/high altitude healthcare knowledge session will introduce the layering system, footwear, hydration and high altitude health concerns such as Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS), etc. For each trek, a packing list is provided to all our participants. You can also refer to our Resource Centre page to pick up tips about the layering system and choose the right gear/equipment for your trek.

Start Trekking 2020 Destinations

We handpicked the treks for the Start Trekking programme. The treks selected are well suited for beginners with average to above average level of fitness. They are great picks to ease anyone into their first trekking adventure or for those who enjoy short duration treks.

These treks are entry level and offer breathtaking scenery. The terrain are straight forward and well-trodden trekking routes. Each trek is accompanied by a trek leader to provide guidance to the team, has different level of exposure to high altitude and weather elements (ie: cold), offers a short duration of 2-5 days of trekking, demands different fitness level and provides different “comfort level” in terms of accommodation during the trek (local hotel, home stay and tent etc). The altitude ranges from as low as 1500m to 2000m to as high as above 3000m to 4000m.

Each trek is unique and offers different level of challenges to a beginner’s level trek. It can be easy to above moderate. Depending of each person’s aptitude to coping with the conditions in the mountain and fitness level, there is something for everyone to pick a suitable trek and START TREKKING.

Haa Valley and Tiger Nest Bumdra Trek with Talo Festival: 26 Mar-4 Apr 2020

We have combined two short and scenic treks – Haa Valley and Tiger Nest Bumdra Trek with Talo Festival. The trek and festival itinerary is an unique way of experiencing the beautiful nature and rich culture of Bhutan.

The trek cover 2 of the most scenic short treks in Bhutan in 4 days. The 2 days beautiful Haa Valley Trek is part of the ‘Haa Planters’ Trail’ and follows part of the mountain trail used by the rice planters in ancient time that connects Haa Valley and Paro Valley. It will bring you to  Sagala Pass (3550m), with absolutely stunning panoramic view of Mt Jhomolhari (7314m) and Jitchu Drake (6989m).

Also called the ‘The Trek of the Thousand Dakinis’ (celestial female beings), the 2 days Bumdra Trek covers 2 spectacular high altitude monasteries and several temples, all at above 3000m. One of the monasteries is the famous Tiger Nest Monastery (Taktshang Goemba/3120m). The trek not only include a visit to Tiger Nest Monastery (Taktshang Goemba/3120m), but offers views of the iconic monastery from the top, away from the usual tourist route. The highest point reach for the trek is Bumdrak Lhakhang (3900m).

This 2-in-1 trek is for those who want to experience high altitude trekking to above 3000m and camping. In between the 2 short treks, there is a stay in Thimphu to freshen up and return to the basic creature comforts of hot shower and flushing toilets.

Tiger Leaping Gorge-Haba Village Trek with Jade Dragon Mountain: 10-15 Nov 2020

This trek includes the famous Ancient Tea Horse Trail/High Trail in Tiger Leaping Gorge and a day hike to a 3500m peak in Haba Village in Yunnan, China. Total number of trekking days is 3 days.

The highest point on the 2D/1N Ancient Tea Horse Trail/High Trail trek is below 3000m at 2650m on a viewing point. The trek takes around 6-7 hours to complete on day 1 and 3 hours on day 2. The day hike to the 3500m peak in Haba Village takes around 6 hours (round trip). The accommodations, all located at below 3000m, are comfortable guesthouses on the Ancient Tea Horse Trail/High Trail and home stay in Haba Village.

With a 2/1N days short trek of below 3000m and a day hike to a 3500m peak, this trek is ideal for those looking for a short duration trek, without having to go too high up into the mountains, sleep at below 3000m and does not have to give up basic creature comforts of nice warm meals, hot shower and flushing toilets.

Mt Hehuan Trek: 26-29 Nov 2020

Hehuanshan, 合 歡山, Mt Hehuan (also called Joy Mountain) 3416m is one of the most accessible high altitude hiking trails in Taiwan. This trek covers the Mt Hehuan Main Peak (3417m), Mt Shimen (3237m), East Peak (3421m) and Mt Hehuan North Peak (3422m). The peaks are among the “Hundred Peaks” (百岳) identified by Taiwanese as great mountains of Taiwan. At the end of each day, we return to the hostel or hotel to stay overnight.

Covering four peaks above 3000m in just 2 days, this trek is for those who want to experience high altitude trekking to above 3000m, without having to sleep overnight in high elevation, and do not have to give up on basic creature comforts of nice warm meals, hot shower and flushing toilets.