Women On Mountains

Women On Mountains (WOM)

Women On Mountains (WOM) originated from Ace Adventure International Women’s Day Challenge (IWD Challenge).

It all started in 2013 when the idea of forming an-all women team to climb a mountain to celebrate International Women’s Day was mooted.  Aside from the challenge to climb a mountain, there was also the objective to support a charity cause to help other women.

We sent the first IWD Challenge team to climb Kilimanjaro in March 2014. Thereafter, a team to Kilimanjaro in 2015 and a team to Everest Base Camp in 2016.

By 2016, the interest to join all-women mountain climbing teams has grown. There were also requests, by many women, for us to create such climbing teams outside of International Women’s Day. Women on Mountains was thus born!

Women on Mountains continues on IWD Challenge’s objectives – to celebrate womenhood by encouraging women to challenge themselves through mountain climbing and to support a charity cause to help other women.

We are supporting and helping to raise fund for Project Pari. Project Pari is a project by Zonta Club of Singapore to help secondary schoolgirls from low income families during their years of their secondary school education. Each student will receive a monthly pocket allowance to enable them to have proper meals and for transportation. Life skill programmes are conducted to help instil in the teenagers a sense of self-worth and to learn skills such as personal hygiene and financial management. It cost $750 to provide for each Project Pari girl for a year. The sum covers $50 monthly pocket money plus the enrichment activities that Zonta Club of Singapore organizes for the girls.

$100 of each Women on Mountains’ package cost will be contributed to Project Pari.

Through Women On Mountains, we hope more women will be inspired to challenge themselves and greater awareness can be generated for women’s causes.