AAE Terms & Conditions

Ace Adventure Expeditions (AAE) organises trekking and climbing expeditions. We take pride in organising these expeditions, and we take your application to join an AAE trip seriously. Please take some time to read through the application process, we will need some paper work from you if you are joining us on climbs above 5000m.


Once you have decided to join us on a climb, here are the initial steps to take:


Upon acceptance of your participation in an AAE programme, a deposit fee, which forms part of the overall programme fee, is required to confirm your participation.  The deposit payable is as follows:

  • S$1,000 deposit for programme fee above S$3,001
  • S$800 deposit for programme fee between S$2,001 and S$3,000
  • S$500 deposit for programme fee between S$1,001 and S$2,000
  • Full payment for programme fee below S$1,000 and all Mt Kinabalu programmes


You can make payment via PayNow, cheque or Internet /ATM bank transfer. 

PayNowBank/ATM Transfer – Cheque Drop
Unique Entity Number (UEN): 201231235D

Account Name: Ace Adventure Expeditions Pte Ltd
Account Number:  647 248 533 001
OCBC Bank Code – 7339
OCBC Branch Code – 647
  • For bank transfer, please indicate your name
  • For cheque drop, please indicate your cheque number via email 
  • For ATM transfer, please let us know the transaction details

Annex A


The purchase of any travel services offered by Ace Adventure Expeditions Private Limited (hereinafter with its affiliates, owners, officers, and agents collectively referred to as “Ace” or “AAE”) creates a contractual relationship between AAE and you, the customer/participant in the travel package, and/or programme by AAE and represents your acceptance of the terms and conditions of your travel package, and/or programme set out herein (the “Terms and Conditions”).

AAE reserves the right to deny participation to any individual. Upon acceptance of your application and confirmation by AAE, applicants are deemed Participants of the programme subject to all the following terms and conditions:

AAE Discretion

  • AAE requires Participants to be prepared physically, technically, and psychologically for all programmes and AAE reserves the right to dismiss a Participant from a programme at any time based on any factors that AAE discovers.
  • Participants must supply AAE true, complete and accurate information on the Participant Information form (including the information concerning training and prior mountaineering experience), Participant Medical Information form, Physician’s Certificate (for programmes that involve activities above 5000m), and in any other written or oral communications.
  • AAE reserves the right to dismiss any Participant or send any Participant down to lower altitude at any time if, in the sole judgment of AAE, it is in the best interest of that Participant or any other person.
  • AAE reserves the right to change, alter or cancel the itinerary as, in AAE’s sole discretion, AAE finds necessary for the proper and safe conduct of the programme.
  • Participants acknowledge that AAE programme plans are necessarily subject to change based on a number of factors, including but not limited to foreign governments, weather, terrain, currency fluctuations, changes in costs, and many other factors, and that AAE has complete discretion to effect any change of plans to accommodate any of these or other factors, including but not limited to increases in programme fees, changes to the programme schedule or itinerary, change of guides or staff, and changes to any means of conveyance, when deemed necessary or advisable, without notice and without allowance of refund and with the liability for any increased programme fees, if any, to be borne by each participant.


  • Registration for AAE programmes requires a deposit fee, which form part of the overall programme fee. The deposit fee payable at the point of registration, and upon acceptance by AAE, will base on the programme fee as such:
  • S$1,000 deposit for programme fee above S$3,001
  • S$800 deposit for programme fee between S$2,001 and S$3,000
  • S$500 deposit for programme fee between S$1,001 and S$2,000
  • Full payment for programme fee below S$1,000 and all Mt Kinabalu programmes
  • The balance of the programme fees will generally be due 60 days prior to the start of the programme. Special payment schedules may apply as described within the relevant Trip Information document for certain programmes (example, Elbrus, Ama Dablam, or group booking).
  • Where programme starting date is less than 60 days at the point of registration, full payment is required upon acceptance by AAE.
  • Programmes with tiered-pricing, the balance of programme fees will be based on the number of confirmed participants at 90 days prior to the starting date. If AAE get last minute sign-ups after 90 days which may change the tier price, AAE will provide a refund.
  • It is participant’s responsibility to adhere to the fee payment schedule. Participants may not receive additional notice of payment due dates from AAE.
  • Late payments will result in cancellation of programme reservations and forfeiture of all fees paid.


  • All programme fee payments from Participants are non-refundable, for any reasons whatsoever, when the first date of the programme itinerary begins.
  • All deposit and programme fee payments from Participants are non transferable.
  • For refund on trip cancellation prior to departure, refer to our “cancellation charges”
  • For third parties payment (example, travel insurance, train tickets), refund policy will subject to third parties’ terms and conditions.
  • Any airline tickets issued are subject to the carrier’s refund policy.


  • Participants acknowledge that all team or group supplies and equipment are the sole property of AAE.
  • Participants agree to reimburse AAE for any damages done to the team equipment or individual gear on loan or rent to them.
  • Participants agree to reimburse AAE for any cellular and satellite phones, and internet communication charges incurred by Participants while participating in the programme.
  • Participants agree that the cost of any search and rescue undertaken on their behalf will be their financial responsibility, including costs incurred by AAE, other expeditions, government or other entity.
  • Participants acknowledge that during the programme, certain events may occur which may necessitate certain additional costs not contemplated at this time, including but not limited to the cost of evacuation during any part of the programme, medical treatment, body recovery and/or repatriation, and other related matters. Participants agree that those additional costs are not the responsibility of AAE and that the Participant is responsible for payment of those costs.


  • AAE reserves the right to cancel a trip or programme for any reason prior to departure. In that event, AAE will refund application and programme fees paid by Participants. In circumstances where AAE has already made payments to foreign agencies for a programme, some portion of programme fees may not be fully refundable.
  • In the event of cancellation of a programme and upon refund to Participants of all programme fee payments, AAE shall be released from any further liability to Participants, including but not limited to liability for additional costs Participants may have incurred, pre-departure expenses, non-refundable advance purchase air tickets, visa fees, equipment purchases and medical expenses.


All cancellation notices made by any one participant must be received in writing via electronic mail, and will become effective as of the date of the electronic mail sent. Electronic mail shall address to “contact@aceadventure.com.sg”.

  • Cancellation of booking more than 90 days prior to the start of the programme date, except for Mt Kinabalu, a refund less an administrative fee of S$100 from the deposit fee will be made.
  • Per-person charges for cancellations that occur 90 days or less prior to the start of the programme date, except for Mt Kinabalu, are as follows:
  • 61-90 days prior to start of the programme date – 100% of the deposit fee.
  • 31-60 days prior to start of the programme date – 50% of the programme fee
  • 30 days or fewer days prior to start of the programme date – 100% of the programme fee
  • Cancellation of booking for Mt Kinabalu more than 90 days prior to the start of the programme date, a refund less 50% of the programme fee will be made. Thereafter, 100% of the programme fee for cancellation shall apply.


  • Participants authorize and release to AAE the use of their image in any photograph or video recording for any legal purpose for AAE.
  • AAE reserves the right to take photographs or videos during the programme or part thereof and to use the resulting photography, videos, or recordings for promotional or commercial use in any form of media such as print, broadcast, outdoor, and digital media, including social media. By making a reservation on a programme by AAE, the participant agrees to allow his/her likeness to be used by AAE, AAE -authorized third parties, without compensation to the participant. If the participant prefers that his/her likeness not be used, he/she must notify us in writing prior to departure of the programme/trip.
  • Participants planning to use personal satellite communications equipment on the AAE programme agree to inform AAE of such plans in advance and agree to procure all required permits for their equipment.
  • Participants agree not to participate in the publishing of any expedition related news, dispatches, cybercasts, or other media content during the course of the programme without written agreement by AAE in advance.
  • Participants agree to inform AAE at the time of application of any pending or actual employment, agency, or sponsorship relationships that are related to their participation in the AAE programme.
  • Participants understand that no guarantees have been made with respect to the objectives of the programme
  • Participants agree that Singapore law shall be applied in any legal action involving the interpretation, validity and/or enforceability of this agreement or any disagreement or legal action between the parties, and that any legal action, lawsuits or arbitration resulting from their participation in this programme shall be brought only in the Republic of Singapore.
  • AAE hereby gives notice that it only serves as an agent for hotels, transportation companies, land operators, and suppliers of travel services, and that no responsibility or liability is assumed by AAE in connection with any travel service, including but not limited to airlines, hotels, and motor vehicle operators, and that AAE will not be responsible for any act, error, omission, nor any injury, loss, accident, delay, irregularity, or danger by a supplier of travel services to Participants in AAE programmes.
  • Participants acknowledge that they are advised to buy personal life, medical, accident, travel, baggage, cancellation, rescue, and other insurance that may pertain to their participation in the programme; and to insure against the insolvency of the travel agency. Participants understand that AAE provides them with no such insurance coverage and no compensation for damaged or loss of personal items.
  • Prices are based on double or triple occupancy. If you prefer private accommodations, a single supplement option is available for most trips.

Please acknowledge and accept the “Terms and Conditions” by filling up the online form sent to you; By clicking “Yes” you acknowledge and accept the “Terms and Conditions” set out in Annex A of this page.

Annex B


Please read and understand this document before agreeing. If you have any questions please consult us.

ACE ADVENTURE EXPEDITIONS PTE LTD (hereinafter also referred to as “AAE”) has taken care to assure that our Participants experience a rewarding trekking and mountaineering expedition. We wish to inform our Participants that trekking, mountaineering and foreign travel are not risk free. The same elements that contribute to the unique character and fun of exploring and climbing mountains, such as the physical exertion or outdoor living, can cause loss or damage to equipment, injury, illness, or in extreme cases, permanent trauma, paralysis, or death. We do not want to heighten or reduce your enthusiasm for the experience, but we do want you to know in advance what to expect and to be informed of some of the possible risks. We ask that you read this release of liability, sign it, and return the original documents to us.


You, the Participant, need to understand that you are going to be entering an environment with significant hazard and risks, including those associated with living, camping, traveling out of doors, and traveling in foreign countries that may be politically unstable, worldwide dangers associated with the war on terrorism, and with the forces of nature. Below is a list of the possible hazards but not all of the hazards you may encounter.

Travel is by vehicle, animal, bus, and on foot. Travel by foot is over rugged unpredictable trail and off-trail terrain, including boulder fields, downed timber, river crossings, high mountain passes, snow and ice, glaciers, steep slopes, and slippery rocks. Attendant risks include vehicle accidents, falling, drowning, and others usually associated with such travel, as well as environmental risks. This travel in foreign countries includes automobile, taxi, truck, bus, train, aircraft, helicopter, pack animal, and other modes of transportation. Many times the risks associated with transportation can be as great as the mountaineering risk itself. You assume the risk of all travel arranged by yourself or by AAE.

Meals are prepared over stoves and sometimes-open fires. Water often requires disinfecting before use. Camping hazards may include burns, tent fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, cuts, diarrhea and flu-like illness. All water must be treated before ingesting once you leave Singapore.

Environmental risks include rapidly moving, deep or cold water, insects, snakes, and predators including large animals, falling and rolling rock, lightning, avalanches, flash floods, and unpredictable forces of nature, including weather that may change to extreme conditions without notice. Additional risks are frostbite, high altitude illness, sunburn, heatstroke, dehydration, and other mild or serious conditions.

Climbing and Mountaineering are hazardous. The obvious accidents that occur in climbing are falling while climbing, whether you fall only a few meters, part way down the mountain, or all the way to the bottom. As you fall you may hit objects or the terrain in your path. If a rope stops your fall, the jolt from the rope may cause injury. Falling to the ground may cause serious injury from any height. In addition to the hazards of falling, falling objects may hit you. Rocks, ice, snow, climbing equipment and even people may fall and hit you as you are standing or while climbing.

Equipment may fail. The extreme conditions of the environment in which climbing and mountaineering equipment is used in conjunction with the damage caused by the environment can cause climbing equipment to fail. The rock or ice to which you are holding or to which you have placed protection may break, causing you to fall or causing your protection to pull out from the rock or ice. As you climb you may pull out protection from the rock or ice. You may experience injury from holding on to the rock or using equipment. You may also experience rope burns from handling the rope. There are many hazards associated with snow, ice, and glacier climbing. Ice climbing is a technical activity involving the use of technical equipment including ice axes and crampons. Ice axes must be used properly to be effective and to prevent injury to you or other people. Crampons have sharp points on the bottom and front of the boot. These points are dangerous to you and other people. Ice climbing involves cold, water, and steep terrain. Ice is constantly falling and can cause injury if you are hit. Other objects may fall and hit you due to thawing or being knocked down by the ice or other climbers.

Avalanches are often a threat in the mountains. An avalanche is snow and ice that has released from the mountain and is moving down the mountainside. If you are trapped in an avalanche you can be injured or suffocated by the avalanche or trapped in the avalanche, which may kill you. The avalanche debris may force you into a collision with other immovable objects, which might injure or kill you or you may be forced into a crevasse or over a cliff.

Glacier travel is always dangerous. Crossing crevasses or walking over snow bridges covering a crevasse can lead to a fall into a crevasse. Falling into a crevasse can cause injuries due to the fall or objects hitting you during and after your fall. You may also be injured while stopping in the bottom or wedging into the sides. Once in a crevasse you will be subject to cold and hypothermia. Another aspect of glacier travel to be aware of is the danger from seracs, large blocks of ice or snow you may need to walk near or around. Many times while crossing glaciers or hiking in the mountains, you will be in an area where seracs or ice can fall, injuring or killing you.

You may trek and climb at altitude to which you will not be accustomed. Altitude sickness is the term used to describe the effects on a human body at altitudes higher than the person is accustomed to. Altitude sickness is usually associated with nausea, headaches and a loss of appetite. Altitude sickness can lead to conditions that may result in death. You must understand that the mountaineering expedition in which you are about to participate includes a high degree of risk of hypothermia. High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE) occur when you are at altitudes and have not acclimated properly. HAPE and HACE can be fatal if not recognized and treated quickly. Hypothermia is the name for a medical condition where the core body temperature drops to a point that the body is unable to maintain and heat itself. Hypothermia can quickly result in death.

Medical care, as you understand it, may not be available outside Singapore. You may be hours or days travel by water, porter, animal or other non-vehicular transportation from any medical facility. The medical facility you may be treated in may not have the same standards as hospitals or doctor’s offices in Singapore. The medical personnel you will be treated by may not have the same training as medical personnel in Singapore. You will be subject to bacteria, viruses and diseases, which are rare or unknown in Singapore. You will need to be vigilant in your normal daily habits such as eating, hand-washing and bodily functions in order to not introduce dangerous bacteria, virus and diseases into your system.

Decisions are made by the AAE staff and Participants on a high altitude expedition based on a variety of perceptions and evaluations, which by their nature are imprecise and subject to errors in judgment. Participant understands and agrees to abide by these decisions. However, the Participant must exercise their own ability and thought in keeping safe and secure, and is solely liable for their safety and that absent direction from AAE. it is his or her decision to travel, return home or descend at any time. Throughout the trip, Participant is responsible for his or her own safety and for the safety of other members of their expedition. Participant agrees to adhere to all decisions made by the employees, contractors, guides, owners and members of AAE at all times. Participant understands that those decisions may be based on many factors, including the overall safety of the group. Participant understands and agrees to those decisions, which are in fact the way most professionally conducted high-altitude expeditions operate.

There is a high level of stress and anxiety while undertaking any mountaineering expedition. In addition you may encounter or see sights, which may disturb you. It is also possible that some participants will suffer mental anguish or trauma from the experience or their injuries.

This list is not an exclusive or exhaustive list of possible risks, injuries, trauma, or accidents that may occur while mountaineering. Most of these injuries are rare and you are not likely to encounter them, however they have occurred and you need to know about them, as well as other possible injuries not mentioned above. Some injuries occur more often when the participants are using illegal drugs or alcohol or are not physically able to undertake the expedition, so the use of illegal drugs or alcohol will not be permitted on the trip while engaged in climbing or mountaineering.


I certify that my family, including minor children, spouse, representatives, heirs, assigns, subrogors and dependent parents, understands the risks of trekking and mountaineering and the legal consequences of this document. I am fully capable of participating in the trekking and mountaineering expedition. I state that I have read the above statement on some of the possible risks in trekking and mountaineering, and I voluntarily accept them. Therefore, I assume all risks in participating in this activity, including but not limited to those listed above, for myself and my family, including minor children, spouse and dependent parents, for bodily injury, death and loss of personal property and any expenses as a result of my negligence, negligence of my family, negligence of another participant or the negligence of AAE, its guides, agents and employees. I also understand that AAE reserves the right to refuse continued participation in the expedition to any person it judges to be incapable of meeting the rigors and requirements of participation. I am in good physical condition and able to undertake this expedition.

I further agree to release, acquit and covenant not to sue AAE for any and all claims, causes of action or damages, or remedies in equity of whatever kind, including those alleging the negligence of AAE, other participants, my family, minor children, spouse, dependent parents, myself, or my heirs, against AAE arising out of participation in this expedition. In short, I cannot sue AAE and if I do, I cannot collect any money.

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless AAE from all claims, damages, losses, injuries and expenses arising out of or resulting from my family’s or my participation in these activities. This indemnification extends to the members of my immediate family, minor children, and spouse and dependent parents in my household. In consideration of my being able to participate in the activity I agree to indemnify and hold harmless AAE for any costs associated with my death or with any injury I may receive, or transportation not covered in the itinerary due to my death or injury or early departure.

I hereby authorize any medical treatment or rescue deemed to be necessary, I hereby give permission for transportation to any medical facility or hospital and I authorize for any qualified guide or medical personnel to render necessary emergency medical care for my family or myself. I hereby authorize the release of any medical information in the possession of AAE to any medical facility, hospital, ambulance, first aid provider, first aid service, doctor, nurse or other such person rendering care on my behalf. I hereby waive any action or claim against AAE or any health care provider, hospital, doctor, nurse or first aid provider for the release of this medical information.

I agree that Singapore law shall be applied in any legal action involving the interpretation, validity and/or enforceability of this agreement or any disagreement or legal action between the parties, and that any legal action, lawsuits or arbitration resulting from my participation in this activity shall be brought only in Singapore.

Should a court of competent jurisdiction declare any part of this agreement unenforceable, the remaining parts or paragraphs shall remain in full force and effect. A copy of this release can be used as if it were an original. The terms of this agreement shall continue and be in effect after the expedition.

As liquidated damages, I hereby agree that if AAE is forced to defend any action, lawsuit or litigation by myself, my executors, or my heirs, on my family’s or my behalf, my heirs or executors and I agree to pay AAE’s costs and attorney fees if they successfully defend such action, lawsuit or litigation.

I, of my own free will, for my family, minor children, spouse, dependent parents, my heirs and executors, assigns and myself, have had a full opportunity to review this document and I have read, understand, accept and acknowledge the risks and liability for myself and my family.

Please acknowledge the risk involved in participating in AAE activities/trips/programmes; and agree to the “Contract, Waiver, Release and Indemnification” by filling up the online form sent to you; By clicking “Yes” you acknowledge and agree to the “Risk, and Contract, Waiver, Release and Indemnification” set out in Annex B of this page.

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