Getting outside as a family is a great way to bond

Outdoor learning isn’t new. Learning in nature helps children, even adults, develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, resilience, an ability to work as a team, and an appreciation for nature. It definitely takes commitment to make outdoor learning work, especially in Singapore.  We are extremely excited to share with you what some of our trekkers are doing to help their children reap the benefits of the great outdoors.

Selina and her husband, Leslie, brought their teenage son to Pulau Ubin to experience camping in the outdoors. She said “The treasure of doing such activities is the opportunity for self-discovery (both child and parents) as well as the opportunity to observe how my child responds in unplanned situations or circumstances. I’ve found new discovery (positive and negative) about my child in each of these activities we do together. Sharing some of these observations with him and hearing him out helps me understand him better as he matures.”

Tricia, a mother of 3 girls, has this to say: “I love bringing my kids for camping trips as those experiences not only help build teamwork among family members but, most importantly, gives the little ones an opportunity to learn beyond the classroom setting and help build resilience and overcome fear.”

Many parents understand that the outdoor environment offers massive potential for learning opportunities. Md Roszani and his wife, MingZhu have been engaging their 2 young girls with a variety of outdoor activities. Their youngest daughter Evea, 10, has this to share when asked what she learnt from the outdoor activities she had participated in, “Trust and teamwork. Trust because everyone needs to know what one can do and cannot do; teamwork because some people need to hold the rope and some need to help climb or go down, help each other.” Roszani added “I learnt to respect my children’s abilities, it may not be everyone’s forte to attempt adventurous activities but to see that they have tried made me realise their fears and anxieties. It is how they overcome each task that matters to me. My children also taught me patience”.

Getting outside as a family is a great way to bond. We are fortunate to have such rich urban and rural environments at our doorsteps. When travel resumes, parents will certainly have more options to create rich outdoor experiences for their children.  

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Photo credits: Selina Ang, Tricia Ang, Md Roszani