The COVID-19 pandemic has brought travel and tourism to a pause and no one is sure when we can press play again. When travel does begin, it is difficult to expect things to be the same as pre-covid days.

With no clear indication as to when travel will resume and what the new normal would be like for overseas travel, we are taking the step to diversity and expand our services to include local adventures in Singapore!

With over 300 parks and 4 nature reserves, Singapore national parks map is a testament to its high green quotient. We also have mangrove forests hugging some of our beautiful coastlines. The frequent spotting of wildlife, during the recent circuit breaker, is an exciting evident that wildlife is in abundance on our largely urbanaised island. The clearer sky and lesser pollution due to lock-down of has brought beautiful sunrise and sunset on many occasions.

Though void of majestic massif and spectacular high mountains, our tiny but sunny island do have its fair share to offer for outdoor adventures.

Keep a look out for our local adventures series, when we can all gather and head out in a bigger group!

We believe that tough times will pass, the possible future is not too far away, we just have to have patience.