Waddle and Paddle

We are happy to return to the outdoors! We have planned out another local adventure programme that may interest you, your family and friends. This time, it is a mixed activity event. It is called Waddle and Paddle! As the name suggests, you trail the tracks and go paddling after. It also means that the adventure programme is easy to participate in, and is suitable for all ages, especially for family with kids.

Why a mixed event activity?
We want to give you a taste of an adventure race, in a more mellowed format. In an adventure race, participants have to go through a variety of physical activities that include walking, running, cycling, kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling and some races will involve obstacle courses that test the teamwork of the participants. Such adventure races are usually physically demanding, yet fun and engaging. Waddle and Paddle lets you experience a small fraction of an adventure race. It also gives you an opportunity to bond with your friends and families.

We have catered for 2 different timings of the itinerary. One is in the morning, suitable for those who enjoy the morning brisk; the sunset itinerary offers a tranquil sunset view at the reservoir. Programme Details.

You can find out more about this adventure programme here: https://aceadventure.com.sg/tour/singapore-waddlepaddle/