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Ace Adventure Expeditions is an adventure outfitter based in Singapore. We have become the benchmark of quality in the adventure community and have established a good reputation in organizing and leading mountain climbing/trekking trips. Our destinations include the Himalayas, the Seven Summits, all around Asia and beyond.

We are constantly evolving and expanding our footprints to wherever there are mountains. Aside from mountain climbing and trekking, we go to high altitude or challenging terrain places to run too !

We understand that being a leading adventure outfitter, it is important to offer quality services beyond arranging for reliable ground support. We’re with you in every step of the journey starting from planning to post trip. The aim is to help each individual make informed decisions, prepare well and gain better knowledge about the great outdoors and oneself with each climb/trek/run. Not forgetting to have a good time and make new friends too

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned trekker/climber or first timer, you can pick a trek/climb that meets your experience and goals. To help you with your initial planning, we have a grading system for our treks/climbs .

An example : Mt Kilimanjaro = Peak Climbing / Grade 2C

We organized 3 types of treks/climbs:

(1) Treks/climbs with a team leader under our mountain climbing initiatives: Start Trekking,   Mountain Climbing Challenge (Twin Peaks Challenge, Volcanic Mountains Challenge, Foundation Level Ice and Snow Peaks) and Women On Mountains

(2) Open international group scheduled treks/climbs (to promote an international climbing/trekking community by bringing participants from all around the world to trek/climb together)

(3) private group treks/climbs (groups of friends, corporate groups and schools)


Staying in line with what we do BEST, the marathons we have picked to partner with are either in high altitude destinations or with terrain challenges 😀 The itineraries almost always include trekking/climbing with the marathon.

Pre-trip Support

Whichever trek/climb/run you choose to join, the pre-trek/climb/support we provide are by our staff who have extensive experience in trek/climb/run and been to the respective destination. We cover :

• Trip briefing
• Gear and equipment preparation
• Gear discount from local outdoor outfitters
• Physical training preparation
• Trip information kit
• Rope workshop (for climbs that require rope up/fixed rope)

As much as possible, we match the package rates to that of our local partners’ for open international group scheduled treks/climbs/runs and private groups. There’s NO up selling.

Join us in our up coming treks/climbs/runs or contact us to have a chat on your plans for your next trek/climb/run.

Ace Adventure Expeditions Team
Email : contact@aceadventure.com.sg

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Joanne Soo

Joanne was introduced to trekking at a young age and continues to engage in it after she started her full time employment with a local recreational club where she organised nationwide sporting events. She stayed on with the club for 8 years before deciding to chart her own course. Joanne did not want to be just an event organiser, she wants people to keep fit and stay healthy as she strongly believes that a fit and healthy person tends to be happier and more productive at work. She set up Ace Adventure in year 2000 to specialize in organising adventure races and mountain climbing activities.

In 2004, Joanne joined a team of Singapore women to form the first Singapore women’s team to scale Mount Everest. In preparation for Everest, Joanne summitted Cho Oyu (8,201m), the 6th highest peak in world, in 2007, and summitted Mount Everest on 22nd May 2009.  In the autumn of 2011, Joanne successfully led an all-Singaporean team to summit Mt Ama Dablam (6,812m) - acclaimed for one of the most technically demanding peaks in Nepal.

Joanne enjoys the serenity she experiences in the mountains and the teamwork displayed through the camaraderie of mountaineering mates. Her mountain climbing journey has raised her personal awareness on self-discipline, accountability, resilience, and humility.  Riding on her climbing experience, Joanne develops adventure programmes for educational institutions and corporations to bring the sport of climbing closer to students and working adults. For her, climbing is intensely personal so the process must be challenging, rewarding and also enjoyable.

In recognition of her contribution to pushing boundaries, Joanne was honored as one of the Great Women of Our Time by Women’s Weekly, she also received a Special Commendation from the President, and was inducted into the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame.

Pauline Tan

Pauline started her career as an accountant. After many years in the corporate world dealing with numbers and figures, she decided to leave her job for good. She loves nature and the great outdoors and enjoys trekking. She has trekked in many places in the region and Europe. Very naturally, she gravitated towards pursuing her interests as her next job choice after leaving her accounting role and joined the adventure industry.

Trek planning is Pauline's forte and she has organized many treks. Aside from trek planning, Pauline has also led teams to trek in Malaysia and Nepal.

Pauline also manages and facilitates corporate training programs in leadership, team and personal development using impactful and creative indoor and outdoor programs.

Vinnie Tan

Passionate about the great outdoors and an adventurer at heart, Vinnie started out volunteering as a Scout leader and organized her very first trekking expedition to Mt Papandayan, West Java Indonesia in 1996. She went on to participate in Raleigh International (UK)10-week youth development expedition in Malaysia (1997). Upon returning from the expedition, she became an avid youth volunteer with Raleigh Singapore. As an active volunteer with Raleigh Singapore, Vinnie under took various leadership roles in several projects like a community hall building project in Myanmar (1999) and a rock climbing expedition to Krabi (2001) for a group of ITE’s and Boys Town’s youths. She also participated in a health education project (2005) in Nias, Indonesia. The health education project is part of an effort between Raleigh Singapore and Red Cross Singapore to restore lives back to normalcy for the islanders after the 2004 India Ocean Tsunami.

Vinnie spent several years in the telecommunication industry handling corporate sales and account management before leaving the corporate world to pursue her passion in the outdoor adventure travel industry. When leading a trek or climb, Vinnie always put an emphasis on bringing out the positive benefits (for the travelers and the local people) and minimize the negative effects (on the local communities and environment).

Vinnie enjoys crafting unique travel programs that has a purposeful objective and aims to establish many of such programs, together with her colleagues in Ace Adventure Expeditions. She has also set herself the goal to promote responsible and sustainable travel and foster an international trekking/climbing community.

To upgrade her mountaineering skills, Vinnie attended a basic ice climbing course in Mt Siguniang area in China and a Technical Mountaineering Course in the Mt Cook region in New Zealand. Some of the peaks she has led and climbed are Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Signuniang Dafeng and Erfeng, Mt Damavand, Mt Elbrus, Aconcagua, Stok Kangri and Island Peak.

Dr Shani Tan – Medical Advisor

We are extremely privileged and grateful to have Dr Shani Tan as our Medical Advisor. Dr Shani Tan has very kindly volunteered to support and advise us on mountaineering related medical conditions and issues.

About Dr Shani Tan

Dr Shani Tan is a Specialist Anaesthetist at the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital in BC, Canada. She is also a trained Paediatric Anaesthetist. She has 30 years of Anaesthesia experience including 10 years of Paediatric Anaesthesia in Children’s Hospitals in Singapore and New Zealand. She was President of the Asian Society of Paediatric Anaesthesiologists from 2003-2005

Dr Shani Tan has been involved in teaching for 20 years and has been on the faculty of the National University of Singapore and more recently University of British Columbia.

However, her real interest lies in the outdoors and being in the mountains. She actively involved in the Outdoors, a keen rock climber, Alpine and Nordic Skier and Mountaineer.

Dr Shani Tan was one of the founder members of the Mountaineering Society of Singapore (MOSS) and the 1st female President of MOSS. She is currently a member of the Wilderness Medical Society and the International Society for Mountain Medicine.

Dr Shani Tan has been climbing and trekking for over 20 years and has a long climbing resume which includes summits of Aconcagua, Elbrus and Mont Blanc and was foiled by a broken crampon on Denali. Loved Kilimanjaro so much she went not once but twice!

Loving to sleep on a glacier led her to be official base-camp doctor for the 1st Singapore Everest Expedition in 1998. In August 2005, she was a member of an all Singapore team to climb virgin peaks in Kazakhstan which named Ong Teng Cheong Peak among the peaks climbed.

In August 2007, together with long time expedition accomplice David Lim, Dr Shani Tan made the 4th ever unsupported trek across the World’s Largest Salt Desert, the Salar de Uyuni.

Dr Shani Tan founded Wilderness First Aid Singapore in 2000. After witnessing a horrific accident at a local crag, she started with distributing simple 1st aid leaflets. This low key "teaching" grew to a full fledged 2 day certification course endorsed by the Singapore Mountaineering Federation. She has taught over 1000 participants skills in outdoor first aid and instructed numerous expeditions on aspects of high altitude medicine and trek preparation.

Dr Shani Tan is currently in the midst obtaining the ISMM Diploma in Mountain Medicine through the University of Utah.

Since being outdoors makes for a healthy appetite, Shani can whip up pretty darn good food, artisanal bread and the odd cup of real coffee. She also co-writes a food and travel blog.


    Liew Wei Yong – Training Partner

    We are extremely privileged and grateful to have Liew Wei Yong as our training partner. Liew Wei Yong is helping to train and advise our participants on strength, conditioning and cardio training.

    Known for being a “dynamic and talented running coach and personal trainer”, Liew Wei Yong was voted Best Running Coach in Singapore by online sports portal, Run Society. Having been a personal trainer and running coach for more than 15 years, Wei Yong believes that there is no shortcut in training. She’s set up Train Live Compete Pte Ltd with the vision of encouraging people from all walks of life to prioritise exercise as a part of their lifestyle. “Whether you are rich or poor, young or old, exercise should always be a part of you. Besides Personal Training, Wei Yong also conducts corporate trainings. Companies and organisations like VODAFONE, DSTA, CAAS, Singapore Police Force, Hewlett Packard, Langkawi Development Authority, SINGTEL Recreation Centre, Charis Methodist Activity Centre of the Elderly have engaged Wei Yong’s expertise to boost staff’s Strength and Fitness and Morale. On a personal note, Wei Yong is an avid runner and had conquered numerous ultra-races including Gobi Desert, Sahara Desert, Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail, Translantau 50, Wilson Trail 78km, TMBT Ultra Trail Marathon. She’s also completed marathons within top 16 placing and prides herself being the winner of the inaugural National Stepper Challenge 2015.

      Ong Yun Long – Volunteer Mountaineering Leader

      We are bringing on board a group of volunteer mountaineering leaders to help lead our Ice and Snow Peaks Challenge.

      Yun Long is trained in wilderness first responder with NOLS, a Mountaineering First Aid volunteer instructor, and a Registered Nurse by profession. He is also a certified climb leader with a local climbing club in Portland, OR (http: www.mazamas.org).

      His love for the mountains started after a 28-day hike in the Himalayas in the late 1990s. That deep sense of appreciation for the mountain deepens with his quest to explore more peaks and to share stories from the deepest reaches of valleys and mountains.

      As he puts it, climbing allows him to enter "the now" moment - what Buddhists call mindfulness - not just while clinging to rocks in mid-air, but "strolling down a fairway or looking out the window at a birch tree swaying in the breeze."

      He has no desire to be the faster climber or coolest person in the room. What makes his day is the innate desire to share his climb experience with someone or groups of people. He wants to be the person whose shoulders can be made available for someone to stand on and to reach the top of the mountain. What motivates him is to have his students excel in their chosen field of climbs, be it mountaineering or rock-climbing!

      Currently working and residing in Portland, Yun Long said that it is the ability to combine both his passion for the outdoor and medicine to the fore, that led him to an unwavering pursuit of seeking a balance between work and outdoors. This pursuit eventually took him to the Pacific Northwest, the giant playground that prides itself with major peaks within driving distance from Portland and Seattle. When he is not playing outdoor, he can be seen hanging out at the local rock gym.

      This is his take on risk taking as mountain climbers:
      "Most climbers are aware of the inherent risk of engaging in outdoor activities. While we all strike a balance between risk-taking and risk-aversion, it is incumbent that we as climbers have a clear understanding of that balance that sets us apart from risky behaviors."
      Partial list of Yun Long's outdoor experience.

      *Rock-climbing in SE Asia (Thailand, Malaysia), French Alps (Chamonix), Colorado, Washington State,

      *Mountaineering in the French Alps (Chamonix-area), Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington state), California, Tanzania (Kilimanjaro), Aconcagua (Argentina)

      *Hiking in Austrian Alps, India, Bhutan, SE Asia, China, New Zealand, Vietnam and Nepal

        Ben Swee – Running Coach Partner

        We are extremely privileged to be able to collaborate with Ben Swee to lead some of our marathons and train the participants.
        Ben Swee picked up running when he started training for his 1st race at the army half marathon in 1997. He has since participated in more than 60 full marathons and several ultramarathons in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Bangalore, France, Switzerland, Germany, Budapest, USA.  His passion for running has led him to qualify & complete the Boston Marathon in 2010 & 2011.  He has also taken part in the Ironman triathlon, completing 10 full Ironman events from 2007 till 2019.
        Fueled with a passion to help others experience the joy of running, he co-founded Running Guild Pte. Ltd. in 2010 to organise several running events in Singapore, ranging from short fun runs such as the Nasi Lemak Run, up to ultramarathon races such as the Craze Ultra 100 miles.  Ben has been conducting training sessions since 2010 for individuals & groups on a weekly basis, focusing on strength & conditioning exercises to help runners power up their running fitness and achieve their goals.
        Ben Swee strives to continue exploring the world through running and hopes to inspire others to experience the joy of running.