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How Ace Adventure Expeditions Began

Ace Adventure Expeditions is an adventure outfitter based in Singapore. We have become the benchmark of quality in the adventure community and have established a good reputation in organizing and leading mountain climbing/trekking trips. Our destinations include the Himalayas, the Seven Summits, all around Asia and beyond.

We are constantly evolving and expanding our footprints to wherever there are mountains. Aside from mountain climbing and trekking, we go to high altitude or challenging terrain places to run too !

We understand that being a leading adventure outfitter, it is important to offer quality services beyond arranging for reliable ground support. We’re with you in every step of the journey starting from planning to post trip. The aim is to help each individual make informed decisions, prepare well and gain better knowledge about the great outdoors and oneself with each climb/trek/run. Not forgetting to have a good time and make new friends too

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned trekker/climber or first timer, you can pick a trek/climb that meets your experience and goals. To help you with your initial planning, we have a grading system for our treks/climbs.

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